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Customer Testimonials

Patternless Snow Southern Pine Snake


I ordered my snowy pine snake and he came early and is extremely beautiful. We love him. This company was wonderful. I called them for some info about our snake, they were so friendly and helpful. I don't know why some of these people wrote such bad posts about this business. I for one highly recommend it.

 Testimonial By: Gabriele Woodhall

my snake



When i ordered my snake i expected it to come a lil late but it came a half hour early i got a corn snake his morphis sunkissed he looks great
Testimonial By: barbara roberts

Love my colombian rainbow!


I recieved my colombian rainbow boa today in the mail, the packaging was secure and tight, I was very impressed!
When I pulled her out of the container she was so beautiful! She had a glimmer in a dark room, seriously. She was a bit snappy, but that was only from being shipped from FL to TX. She is a very athletic snake, she goes everywhere in her enclosure.
I will definitely be shopping here again!
Testimonial By: alex hightower

Pygmy Leaf Chameleons


I couldn't be more happy with the quality and price of the pair of Pygmy Leaf Chameleons I ordered. There was a little hiccup with shipping/my availability due to a holiday, but I worked with General Exotics to work it out so that both the animal and I benefited. I am extremely satisfied with my order, the customer service I received, and the price of my purchase. When I decide to order another reptile it will definitely be from General Exotics. Thanks!
Testimonial By: Brian Gallaher

thank you


hi my name is carlos izaguirre and this is my first time buy a snake in general exotics and i like the good service, thank you so much and i will buy again soon in general exotics, thank you guys.

2 baby Whites Tree Frogs


I ordered 2 whites tree frogs for my two boys on Wed. night 10/3 and my order arrived this morning Fri. 10/5 at ten o'clock. I have to say GREAT shipping and the two baby frogs look Great also. Will do business here again. Thanks
Testimonial By: Dennis Vigilante

Awesome King Snake


I just bought a Hypo Prairie King snake, and he was perfect. He arrived perfectly on time (Friday) and loved it. Some difficulties in feeding him, but he is just great. I will certainly buy here again.
Testimonial By: James Henderson



We received our snake today for my son its beautiful, healthy and he just loves it! Was definitely worth the wait! We will definitely order from you again!
Testimonial By: consuelo moser

Great Red Eyed Tree Frogs


I recently ordered 3 Red Eyed Tree Frogs and am pleased to announce that they arrived in great condition and appear to be very healthy. They immediately settled into their new terrarium and were out hunting crickets last night. I'm very happy with my new additions and would definitely order from General Exotics again.
Testimonial By: Beverly Hill

Mosaic King Snake Baby


Received my baby right as scheduled! BEAUTIFUL! 
My son can't put it down!
Testimonial By: angela Roll-Congrove

Red Eyed Moon Tree Frog


My frogs arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't be more happy. I only wish I had ordered more!
Testimonial By: Ashley Justice

gorgeous desert iguana


I have wanted another desert iguana since I was a kid. Given the inherent problems with shipping reptiles and purchasing them sight unseen, I really looked around everywhere. General Exotics convinced me they had a healthy male so I took a chance. This guy is so healthy and beautiful I can't believe it. Best $ I ever spent. Looking for a female now...iguana, that is.
Testimonial By: kevin appleton

Good animals, great service


Have ordered 3 times from them and have been happy with the quality of animals I've received. I've had some special requests in shipping and animals and have been very pleased my instructions were followed each time. The animals have been well packed and arrived alive and active.
Testimonial By: Emily

new okeetee


My baby okeetee corn snake just arrived yesterday. After a few hours of acclimation, she started eating pinkies immediatly. Also, she is not nippy nor biting. 
Thank you,
Owen Martin
Testimonial By: Owen Martin

golden greek tortoise


I bought after my first great experience with General Exotics a second greek tortoise which came in the next day with ups. The whole transaction went smooth and i was impressed about the quality of the animals. I did not get the tracking number so I send an email to Eric and he provided me the number within an half hour. All in all a wonderful, great easy transaction. I bought long time ago pygmy chameleons which came in also very healthy an intime. I can only say that i can recommend General Exotic and i will buy again.
Testimonial By: Annette Ramseyer

White's Tree Frog


I recently ordered a baby white's tree frog from the website. The customer service was very prompt and easy to work with, and the frog arrived safely via UPS right on time. The frog is very vibrant and healthy, and has been well worth the purchase. I would recommend General Exotics to anyone interested in acquiring exotic amphibians and reptiles.
Testimonial By: Steven Lahr

African Bullfrog


Received my African bullfrog in the mail. Completely healthy ate right away. 100% satisfied. Will do business with again.
Testimonial By: Kenny Rogers

Frilled Lizrard


We were a little aprehensive about buying a living thing online and having it shipped but boy did it work out great. Our frilly is chunky and healthy and beutilfu as can be! The whole process was super easy. Thanks to Eric and everyone at General Exotics!
Testimonial By: karen burns

Gorgeous animal! Was NOT disappointed.


I'm a bit of a picky buyer when it comes to reptiles, and this is the first time I've gone out on a limb and made an order from a place where I would not first see a picture of the exact animal I was receiving. I worried that I would get a poor specimen and I couldn't have been more wrong. My European Glass Lizard is absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't be happier with him. Customer service was absolutely amazing. Quick, personal response to my questions and blazing fast turnover for shipping. I had him in my hands less than 24 hours after deciding I wanted one. I'll be back when I need something else. :)
Testimonial By: carly bezeau

golden greek tortoise


well I was a little hesitant when I was reading about others experiences with general exotics on yelp.I have to say it was a incredible experience beside the negative feedback others gave. The order was processed immediately and I got within 2-3 hours the tracking confirmation and got a wonderful female greek tortoise delivered to the exact time it supposed to be. All in all a great experience. The only fact i did not like was that they did not respond to my email or picked up the phone.
Testimonial By: Annette Ramseyer

Braizalian rainbow boa


Easy and excellent transaction...shipping was excellant...snake is beautiful...very happy with purchase..would do business again...tks
Testimonial By: rose rugg

Highly recommend this supplier!


Great selection and in-stock availability of a wide variety of frogs.

Ordering process is efficicient and straight-forward. Our frog arrived on time and in excellent condition.

Will not hesitate to order additional reptiles or refer a friend to General Exotics. 5 stars!
Testimonial By: Richard Collins

Corn Snake


There was no problem orderong out female corm snake. It came when it was suppose to and it was very active and healthy looking. It was for my grnadson and he is very pleased with it. We can't wait until it grows, to see the color get brighter.
Carol Smale
Testimonial By: Carol Smale

Creamsicle Motley


I ordered a baby male over a weekend about a month ago. He arrived the following Tuesday in very good health. He was very alert, vibrant colors, nice and strong. He eats very well and is doing just great. I will definitely be doing business here again. Thanks for my new little boy!
Testimonial By: Veronica Renfro

African Bullfrog


Healthy male arrived and is eating up a storm. Extremely happy with the order time and delivery. Could not have been any happier with this.
Thankyou so much!
Testimonial By: timothy h bliss

Leopard gecko


I just received my leopard gecko and I love it it's just a baby when I went to pick it up it hissed and bit me idk why but this is a great place
Testimonial By: khalil prescott

baby red foot tortoise- happy customer


I recieved my baby red foot in excellent condition. Very alert. very beautiful tortoise. i would definitely recommend ordering from this website. 
I also purchased an albino leopard gecko a few months ago....very beautiful lizard, the color pattern was awesome.

i highly recommend this website!!
Testimonial By: Teresa Villalpando

Very fast delivery, nice looking Gecko!


I used my iPad to find and order a Juvenile Mac-Snow Leopard Gecko over the weekend. At that time I was told it would arrive on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning... BAM... Gecko! And it's beautiful! I would certainly order from General Exotics again!
Testimonial By: James Helm



Shipping was fast, and the entire transaction was quite easy. The price was the cheapest I could find from a seller with a good reputation.
I was nervous about getting a tarantula so young as we have very limited experience. I have put forth many hours of research, and we have been very successful with this tarantula. The Smithi arrived unharmed, and with good packing. It has been very healthy, and we have not had any problems.
Testimonial By: Theresa Richards

great looking animal


ordered a chameleon. he has adjusted well to his new home. great seller!
Testimonial By: John Weitzel

G. Pulchripes (Chaco Gold Knee Tarantula)


Well I see all the Gramostola Pulchripes are sold out within a few weeks or so, and I understand why. A great collector of a tarantula for us owners, and very even tempered. I had mine delivered just as General Exotics says, One day after receiving your order. So in two days I had my new exotic furry 8 legged arachnid. She's a cutie. And shipping was in the a.m. as well. And packing was good. Definitely will order from again in the future. Thanks G.E.
Testimonial By: kevin kaczmarek

California King Snake


He arrived healthy and active. Great job!
Testimonial By: Lawrence Jenab

Zac ordered a Nelson milk snake


Just recieved my Nelson Milk Snake today he is very docile was no aggitation besides sum glass rubbing for first few minutes all together beautiful snake and very impressive service I am well pleased and in the future will be buying from you all again.
Testimonial By: zachary Harrison

Baby albino Nelson milk snake.


Hi everyone just received my baby albino nelson milk snake today, boy is he beautiful very calm enjoying his new home,he loves the silk plants I,m so happy with generalExiots Great services. Will order from them again.
Testimonial By: Wanda Haywood

Leopard Gecko

Wednesday 15 August, 2012

Great Service! 
My leopard gecko came in nice and healthy. I would recommend this to website to any of my friends!
Testimonial By: Jorge Acevedo

Great Goliath

Wednesday 15 August, 2012

Really quick shipping ordered my Goliath on Friday, was shipped Monday and was delivered Tuesday, Tarantula seems healthy, and is a really big specimen. Very nice! Look forward to next purchase!
Testimonial By: Kevin Durham

CWD and Sailfin

Tuesday 14 August, 2012

Both arrived on time and are very alert and seem very healthy. Thank you!
Testimonial By: Cassandra Jasewicz

Pink Toed Tarantula

Friday 03 August, 2012

This website and process of getting the animal is great, quick, and easy. My spider came in the mail the next day alive and well looking beautiful and healthy as ever. I am for sure a returning customer!
Testimonial By: Jerret Aubert

Panther Gecko

Friday 27 July, 2012

I just recieved my Panther Gecko today and he is beautiful!
Testimonial By: Maureen Orth

Great Customer Service

Thursday 26 July, 2012

I purchased two corn snakes and throughout the entire process I was shocked. They were so helpful and quick to respond to any questions I had. Animals came and looked better than the pictures. I will use them again.
Testimonial By: Corey Price

Colbolt Blue Tranchula

Saturday 21 July, 2012

This company is the best. This is my second Tranchula I have bought from this company they are arrive in good conduction great color I am very pleased will order from them again very soon.
Testimonial By: kathy seabolt

Extremely Satisfied!

Saturday 21 July, 2012

We are very happy with our 2 leopard geckos we received from you!! They arrived earlier than we had thought, which was great, and they are doing great in their new home! Thanks again!
Testimonial By: Greg Hopfinger

Tarantula arrived!

Friday 20 July, 2012

Hello all! I ordered a Chaco Golden Knee tarantula and it arrived today! Looks very healthy and the oacking job was better then any i saw when researching on youtube..... very acceptional and proffesional packing job! Only took 1 day to process and pack my tarantula (named venom by my 4funds year old spiderman obsessed son) the fallowing day i received tracking number very pleased! This is my first and i hope she lives well i thank general exotics and will definatly order again....
Testimonial By: Micah Narimani

My new Kingsnake

Thursday 19 July, 2012

My first kingsnake mysteriously disapeared :( . But my new one arrived yesterday and i am so happy. I handeled her as soon as i got her. She is so sweet , thank you general exotics . Btw she is so beautiful :)
Testimonial By: Erasmo Rivas

Albino leopard gecko

Wednesday 18 July, 2012

My Albino Leopard Gecko came a few weeks ago. He is absolutely beautiful. I will be buying from General Exotics again.
Testimonial By: Ivy Downer

Gorgeous Tokays

Tuesday 17 July, 2012

I ordered two females recently...They arrived on time and in great health...I will order again from General Exotics! Thank you!
Testimonial By: Elizabeth Dutton

My Kingsnake Sherry

Friday 06 July, 2012

My Kingsnake Sherry arrived earlier than expected. She is very fiesty but o so beautiful :) i love holding her. Thank you general exotics
Testimonial By: Erasmo Rivas

chameleon :)

Thursday 28 June, 2012

My male is amazing in color he has so much life in him, he is such an addition to my home. Love his colors. He's a Little upset from the ride... after all who would not be lol , He has been stressed and a little grumpy but he will calm down in a few weeks . thanks so much for such an amazing male chameleon :)
Testimonial By: marcy miller

nervous no more

Wednesday 27 June, 2012

working on a project involving spiders.
i decided the easiest way to observe them would be to buy them.
my local pet shops did not have any nor would they order them.
i went then to the internet.
finding your site informative, helpful and easy to navigate, i made the decision to order a pair of rose hair tarantulas.
arriving a day early larger than expected and in good health i am very pleased.
i would not hesitate to send folks to your site and in the future will be happy to do business again with you.

one note, perhaps a care sheet included in the package would be a nice touch.

thank you very much for prompt professional service.

wil jones
Testimonial By: william jones

great service

Wednesday 27 June, 2012

Rainbow boa-- beautiful, just as pictured, also healthy and lively--was delivered overnight as promised. Perfect service!
Testimonial By: Betsy Seifter

Great Specimens

Wednesday 27 June, 2012

I have purchased several tortoises from General Exotics. All have been great specimens. I would recommend General Exotics.

Brian Trantham
Testimonial By: Brian Trantham

Little Leche

Saturday 23 June, 2012

After my kingsnake Naomi passed away about a year ago after 9 years I wasn't sure about getting another snake. I finally decided it was time to try again. I ordered a baby Pueblen from General Exotic and he arrived at the requested time and in good health. Look forward to bonding with my new little one.
Testimonial By: Ginger Luellen

Hermann's Tortoise

Saturday 23 June, 2012

i bought a baby Hermann's Tortoise late tuesday night and received him early friday morning, perfect on shipping timing and pricing! plus the actual price of the tortoise was excellent, by far the cheapest out of everywhere i looked. at first he wasn't moving around much, but gave him some water and wet pellets and a heat lamp and he starting becoming very active, even ate some. so, so far so good. he/she seems very healthy, which i asked for, and very tiny, which i also asked for. also the packaging was suitable for a order his size; secure and cool.
Testimonial By: Victoria Embry


Saturday 23 June, 2012

Nice collard Lizards, will do it again,
Testimonial By: Mike Puerkel

Great experience

Thursday 21 June, 2012

It's very rare these days to experience a company that keeps their word, and has great customer service .. This company is definitely one. If anyone is looking for healthy exotic animals, speedy delivery just an overall great experience, general exotics is the way to go...
Testimonial By: steyvon baker


Wednesday 20 June, 2012

The turtle arrived safe and sound. Very lively and cute!
Testimonial By: Kathy Adame

Leopard Geckos

Thursday 14 June, 2012

I ordered 2 adult leopard geckos, one male blizzard and a female high color. They both came in excellent health and are beautiful! The price is very reasonable and this is also the only website that I could even find an adult female leopard gecko at. Will definitely order from this website again.
Testimonial By: Sarah

fire belly toad

Wednesday 13 June, 2012

I like to think general exotics For a job well done I ordered 4 fire belly toad they were shipped to me right away they were well package and the frogs was healthy I am very pleased and yes I will buy from them again give general exotics a try you can't go wrong
Testimonial By: tracy harris


Thursday 07 June, 2012

Just got my Anery Kenyan Sand Boa last night! She's beautiful! Great doing business with you! Will definitely be back again!
Testimonial By: Amanda Paoletti

Female Cane Toad

Sunday 03 June, 2012

It's been a year since I received my Cane Toad. She is fat and happy. This company takes great care in the animals and very hardy stock. I love her! This is the best pet ever! I plan on ordering again soon! Thank you General Exotics!
Testimonial By: Jeni Wolbers

Tiger Salamander Arival

Saturday 02 June, 2012

Service above and beyond expectations, care for the animal upon receiving excellent in condition of animal and care for shipment procedure.
Testimonial By: Alan rice

3 Great Torts

Thursday 31 May, 2012

Just received 3 more great baby torts. They look great and are running around and eatting well. Thanks again for another great and easy transaction.
Testimonial By: Kathy Coy


Thursday 31 May, 2012

the spider i got is amazing!!!!!!!!!
Testimonial By: Alex Ramos

Steppe Runner

Wednesday 30 May, 2012

I got my Steppe Runner on time and he looked very healthy. He is running around his tank now exploring although i haven't seen him eat yet, but i assume that is normal seeing as he just flew across the country.
Testimonial By: Dan Ricker

Pyxie and Pacman

Wednesday 30 May, 2012

I ordered an African Bullfrog and Ornate Pacman a few weeks ago and both are doing amazing. They are voracious eaters and are getting so big already! Great customer service and can't wait to order more from General Exotics.
Testimonial By: Melinda LaMore

fine company

Sunday 27 May, 2012

fine company to do buisness with.
Testimonial By: Jean Maynard

Great Company!

Wednesday 16 May, 2012

Got my animals on time as promised and they look great, health and fat! I would definitely order again!
Testimonial By: Catherine Clement

Red iguana

Sunday 13 May, 2012

Great experience with your company ......delivery overnight iguana was perfectly safe came right out wanting to eat is adapting very well ...would definitely buy from this company again....
Testimonial By: Steyvon baker

Tiger Salamander Arival

Thursday 10 May, 2012

Expeditious and Professional. Very pleased with the service and the Salamander. 
Thank You Very Much, AR.
Testimonial By: Al

Great Rough green snakes!

Thursday 10 May, 2012

We ordered a pair of rough green snakes, they were delivered immediately and packaged securely for each individual snake. I liked the fact that they were put into their own containers with packing material inside the box. They appeared to be very healthy and a good size. We would definitely use you guys in the future!! Thanks!
Testimonial By: Suzanne Bransky

Beautiful baby cornsnakes!

Wednesday 09 May, 2012

I recently received 2 baby cornsnakes from you and I am very happy with them. They arrived safely and appeared active and healthy. In fact, both were eating by the end of the first day! Their colors are beautiful. I would buy from you again.
Testimonial By: Tammie Evans

best online reptile store by far!

Wednesday 02 May, 2012

I just recently had a very bad experience with one of your online competitors. I was very dis pleased with there lack of communication and possibly trying for a scam. But I turned to your company, (general exotics) and you guys are great! I was very impressed on e mail response time and the packaging. The snakes look amazing and are doing very well! I will definitely order from this company when I decide to add to my collection once again. Thank you for your honest company and great service! I will recommend over and over!
Testimonial By: Samuel Randazzo

General Exotics is THE BOMB!!!

Monday 30 April, 2012

I would have given my testimonial sooner but I've been busy bonding with my beautiful babies (schneider skinks). I am so impressed by the quality of packaging they did for my babies to arrive safely. I'm so very pleased with the great health my babies are in. It was as easy as 1, 2, 3. I can't thank General Exotics enough. I'M SO HAPPY!!!
Testimonial By: Donna Earles

Goliath Tarantula

Friday 27 April, 2012

thankyou guys great price great service.I will be buying from again.
Testimonial By: kansing moore

Excellent Service

Wednesday 25 April, 2012

I've bought many animals and have received then healthy right out of the box. I've been a collector for 40 years. My animals are delivered healthy and eating as sooon as I put them in their terrarium.
Testimonial By: raymond visconti

3 Chinese Water Dragons

Friday 20 April, 2012

I've bought 3 CWD from general exotics and they are gorgeous! They are all very big, fat, and healthy.I will definitely be buying more pets from here soon.
Testimonial By: Ysamar

Female T

Wednesday 18 April, 2012

I got my sweet lil T. She would have come on time if UPS didn't have problems but she so well packaged she's awesome. So beautiful and lively. More then my expectations. General Exotics absolutely follows their guide lines. I will defiantly order from you guys again. YOU ROCK!!! Yay I LOVE MY SWEET T!!!!!!
Testimonial By: Angela Baldauf

Excellent website

Wednesday 18 April, 2012

My blue tongue skink arrived on time and in good health. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking to buy a pet! I will definetly be back!
Testimonial By: Tyler Holcomb

Great deals and animals

Monday 02 April, 2012

I recently ordered my first snake from here- an amazon tree boa in its garden phase. I asked for nice colors, and nice colors are what I received, along with a very feisty and healthy snake. Definitely looking to do more business here.
Testimonial By: Paige


Sunday 01 April, 2012

This website is great! It has great deals and a wide selection! If they're out os stock, you can put them on backorder, and they send them to you as soon as they can! I had two male fire belly newts on backorder, and i got them 2 days later! They're great! I was EXTREMELY satisfied with this website. No other website can beat it! I give it 6/5 stars!
Testimonial By: Ryan Kridler

I've already recommed General Exotics to a few friends

Tuesday 27 March, 2012

My Brazilian Red and White Tarantula arrived the day after it was shipped in excellent condition. The package is clearly labelled Perishable, this side up on all sides. The spiderling arrived in a small plastic container with peat and a cotton swab with water to keep it moist. Much better than the shipment I received for my Pink Zebra Beauty from somewhere else. It was easy to transfer to its new home. Within a couple days it ate a bunch of fruit flies and seems to be adjusting well. I would definitely order from generalexotics.com again in the future. They definitely show more care than the previous place I ordered from.
Testimonial By: Bill

will do business again

Saturday 10 March, 2012

Very fast, 2 days!!! We ordered 1000 crickets, got them w only 6-7 dead, very satisfied!! Great to do business w.
Testimonial By: Rhonda

Ruby Tuesday

Friday 09 March, 2012

Our beautiful rainbow boa arrived on time Tuesday. Ruby was relaxed and hungry we discovered. She's great and currently sleeping in her log over the warmth.
Thanks for your promptness and look forward to future business.
Testimonial By: Tad S. Erichsen

Baby Anery Boa

Friday 02 March, 2012

She just came in yesterday and my daughter fell in love with her (her birthday present!). Very healthy, beautiful snake! thanks
Testimonial By: Charles

Golioth Bird Eater

Sunday 26 February, 2012

I am very pleased with the service and how easy it was to order. As well as how quickly she arrived and healthy. she shed the third day!
Testimonial By: Andrew Rineer

beautiful snake

Friday 24 February, 2012

i got my milk snake two days ago and i love her! shes so health and very active . and was shipped with everything nessesary .4-5 star must say.
Testimonial By: wyatt walker

Excellent Work

Saturday 18 February, 2012

Just wanting to thank you guys for the wonderful job you did on the packing, communication, and shipping of my snow leopard gecko. She arrived 110% more active than she would've out of a pet store..
Once again guys..
on an
Testimonial By: Cody Hickman


Friday 10 February, 2012

I ordered three geckos, needless to say they arrived hungry playful and in well enough shape to jump right out of the box! these guys are fun, and in great health i must say, thank you GE!
Testimonial By: Jeremy


Thursday 02 February, 2012

I am dumbfounded by the simplicity and accuracy of my order!! =) My daughter LOVES reptiles, so I showed her how to browse for them on the internet. When she found your site, she begged me to let her have two more additions to our family. We still have both pets, which arrived as promised....healthy, alert, and dosile enough for her to hold them regularly. You put a HUGE smile on her face, and one in my heart for making it so easy to get her the pets she wanted. It was far easier than going to a pet store!!! (and a much larger selection!) Thanks General Exotics!! =)
Testimonial By: Dan Hagerty

Love my new rainbow boa

Thursday 26 January, 2012

I orderd a rainbow boa and it came in the best shape possible.shiny and nipped alittle bit but after one nip it was so nice! thank you general exotics,definantly shopping again!
Testimonial By: mason dixon


Wednesday 25 January, 2012

i got my chocolate pacman frog today it was so cute it had two small green dots on it and its amazing it eats and burrows like a BOSS!!!!!!!
Testimonial By: joe nabavi

My cane Toad

Saturday 05 November, 2011

I recieved my lady-girl in beautiful condition! She allowed me to hold her right away with out trying to escape. She eats well and is thriving! (Thank you)!
Testimonial By: Jeni Wolbers

Great birthday Gift

Friday 28 October, 2011

I bought a adult male leopard gecko for my son as a birthday gift. I was very satisfied with how healthy and active it was right out of the box. The color was perfect and if i were to order reptiles in the future, it would be from General Exotics.
Testimonial By: Mr. Shockley

As Advertised

Friday 28 October, 2011

My son bought a Savanah Monitor from General Exotics along with crickets to feed it. We recieved a healthy animal quickly as advertised. The lizard is doing great! The crickets arrived alive too though they would dispute that they are doing great as they are eaten one by one. I highly recommend this business. They do what they say!

Richard Crandall
Testimonial By: Richard Crandall

Good Experience!

Thursday 20 October, 2011

Easy to order and great price. Good communication. The packaging was very effective. My toads arrived in good shape. Thanks!
Testimonial By: Bill Follansbee

Mossy Leaf Tailed Gecko

Friday 14 October, 2011

Just got my Mossy Gecko, he is so gorgeous we have decided to name him Baxter! He is doing great and he loves his new home!
Testimonial By: Laura Buntemeyer

corn snakes

Wednesday 12 October, 2011

My snakes came on time as promised and were in great shape,very active.I will definitely use you guys in the future,thanks so much!!!
Testimonial By: marianne dean

Another perfect order

Wednesday 12 October, 2011

I received a new order in a single day. As always, the lizards were alive and perky beautiful specimens. Thanks!
Testimonial By: Anthony Brzezinski

Well ........

Saturday 01 October, 2011

It took some time to get my budgett frog but it was worth it. I named him Banshee and believe me the name fits, he is very vocal. I love him.
Testimonial By: Carrie Connor

Green Iguanas

Thursday 29 September, 2011

got a pair of baby iguanas back in January and they be about 3 times the size now. I waited to give my reviwe to make sure I got healthy animals. first they come overnignt shipping and they looked beautiful tiny little creatures. they took great care in packing them and they looked feed and healthy. now almost 10 months later i have the most beautiful, well formed iggs. its not an easy pet to keep, but if you must are willing to take the time and effort get them from here you cant go wrong. I wish i could put a picture
Testimonial By: Erminio Santiago

Beautiful Albino Burmese

Wednesday 28 September, 2011

I ordered him last week they shipped him on monday just got him today he is so pretty his colors are vibrant. He is very curious he seems to be very happy. He is a little hissy after his trip but in 1-2 weeks he should be able for me to pick him up. I see good things at general exotics. Thanks so much for the beautiful snake!
Testimonial By: Wendy Jones

Awesome Service

Tuesday 27 September, 2011

I have ordered reptiles, crickets and other supplies for years now adn they still supply the best service around. Quick turn around and excellent help are hallmarks of General Exotics.
Testimonial By: Robert Penrose

"I-guana" tell you General Exotics are great!

Thursday 22 September, 2011

We ordered two baby green Iguana's... they arrived chipper and healthy. They were carefully packaged in a cocoon like sak and cradled in their box. They are lively and lovely and all is great! Trust General exotics for all your exotic pet needs.
Testimonial By: Debbie Zager

Happy customer

Saturday 10 September, 2011

Thank you guys I've been looking for crocodile skink for years. u guys had him at a good price, and he came safe thanks again guys keep it up!!
Testimonial By: Chris brown

Absolutely Beautiful!

Thursday 08 September, 2011

I had caught a prarie king hatchling and he escaped his cage 3 days later. (He was tiny!) But I fell in love so I shopped and shopped online and couldn't find anything even close to him until I found general exotics. They delivered me a prarie king baby - strong, beautiful, perfect. He calmed right down when I held him and has already gotten comfortable and he has only been here 4 hours. General Exotics is outstanding as far as customer service, reliability with shipments, and a beautiful collection of amazing creatures. Thank you so much General Exoctics ... I WILL be back!!!!!
Testimonial By: Jenn

Fire Skink

Thursday 08 September, 2011

I ordered 2 fire skinks and requested a male and female. It is clear that one is female and oneis male. They are in fantastic health and have adjusted to the their new home quite well. They are eating well and even sunbathing in their tub we made for them in their cage. The skinks were for my son and he loves them. The male will fall asleep on his arm as he strokes him. The female is just as docile. We will recommend your store to all and will definately order again. Thank-you for such a great experience. Susie Smith
Testimonial By: Susan Smith

Perfect order

Thursday 08 September, 2011

In contrast to a large order of lizards last week with another company which shall remain nameless, this site was fast and accurate.
I ordered six, and every one was sent promptly, and were exactly the lizards I ordered.
Testimonial By: Anthony


Tuesday 06 September, 2011

This is my 3rd time doing business with generalexotics and they are top rate company and everyone that i know i have suggested to this site. keep up the great work guys i will be back
Testimonial By: David Futrell

Red Blood Python

Monday 05 September, 2011

I was greatly pleased at how my blood python arrived at 10:20 in the morning, just on time. He ate right out of the box. I love him, and his teeth love my hand.
Testimonial By: Ian

Pleasure To Deal With

Sunday 04 September, 2011

Frog arrived very promptly as stated, great packaging and animal is very healthy. Love the part where I could choose the sex of the animal, competitive pricing, courteous service and beautiful animal. Will definitely be ordering from again. Thanks GE
Testimonial By: Art

Sand boa

Friday 02 September, 2011

everything went well i ordered a baby female sand boa and she is excelent showed up on time and healthy beautiful colors and loves her new home
Testimonial By: michael


Friday 02 September, 2011

Received my blizzard gecko. The package well well packed. I was very pleased. She is adorable and soooo beautiful. It was a pleasure to do business with Eric and look forward to future business. I will definately pass his site to my friends. Thanks
Testimonial By: Debbie

It was above my expectations!!

Thursday 01 September, 2011

I was very very happy when I got my lizard. He is so cute. His name is train wreck. Thank u.
Testimonial By: Amber

Great service

Thursday 01 September, 2011

We ordered a adult ribbon snake on Sunday and it arrived in perfect health and great shape Tuesday. They answered all our follow up questions regarding the snakes we had very quickly. Great customer service.
Testimonial By: John

Pleasant Experience

Thursday 01 September, 2011

From start to finish, ordering my Blood Python was quick, easy and painless. 

I did not receive a tracking number, however when I emailed asking I received a response quickly explaining that the system got FUBAR'd that night.

My Blood Python arrived right on time looking gorgeous. She's beautiful and active.

I will definitely be ordering from here in the future.
Testimonial By: Tami Bortoletto

Butter Corn

Monday 29 August, 2011

Out of stock of my original order was quickly found me a replacement. Great service!
Testimonial By: Farmer

Cobalt Blue Purchase

Friday 26 August, 2011

Above my expectation! The packaging was over the top. This was definetly not what I expected! 
I hope to make future purchases with generalexotics!
Testimonial By: jason

Very Happy customer!

Friday 26 August, 2011

Very happy with my toad!He is healthy, looks great and is exactly what I was wanting. Fast shipping , good communication ! I will be buying from general exotics again. Thank you
Testimonial By: Tony fletcher

very nice

Thursday 25 August, 2011

fast shipping red iguana very healthy will buy again thanks
Testimonial By: Edward

Soooo Awesome!!

Wednesday 24 August, 2011

Just received our second order from General Exotics and we couldn't be happier. Our first order consisted of 3 different snakes. We were so impressed by their health and temperaments that we decided to order one more snake and my wife insisted on a Savannah Monitor...which she is thoroughly in love with! This has been a great buying experience and we will definitely be back!
Testimonial By: Gene Lott


Monday 22 August, 2011

I have purchased 3 snakes from you guys. They came right on time and packaged perfect. Beautiful little snakes, and healthy too.
Testimonial By: eric

Desert Iguanas

Monday 22 August, 2011

I purchased and received two wonderful desert iguanas. They are healthy and I love watching them and holding them. Good people to do business with!
Testimonial By: Raven Black

Blue Cave Geckos

Sunday 21 August, 2011

Hello. I recently order a pair of blue cave geckos and I am completely pleased. The geckos are lively and fascinating creatures and the students in my class (I teach 6th grade) are mesmerized by these intriguing geckos. Your company offers animals about which people have a natural curiosity and with which they are inherently fascinated. 


Testimonial By: matt campbell

amazing service

Friday 19 August, 2011

Thank you for the great service my blood python is happy healthy and is now the prettiest snake I have. I will always be using general exotics for my future orders. Keep up the good work
Testimonial By: Ryan Hobbs

I'm so happy

Friday 19 August, 2011

I am very happy that I recieved my Brazilian Giant Birdeater in a excellent condition. Over all my order is great. Thanks =)
Testimonial By: Bradwell Velazquez

Nile Monitor

Thursday 18 August, 2011

Excellent purchase experience with this company. My Nile monitor showed up very healthy and active. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Testimonial By: Rich

Mexican RedLegged Tarantula

Thursday 18 August, 2011

Received yesterday and my better half is so happy. Scarlett, her name now is healthy and loving her new home. The transaction was great and communication was too. Highly recommended. Looking forward to getting another tarantula soon. Thank you for making this an easy transaction.
Testimonial By: Mike

New Snake

Wednesday 17 August, 2011

I just got my fem. albino burmese.. she is the best looking snake i've ever seen.. she was hissy from the travels for a day and now she is very social, the service is great.. by far the best exotic site on the net.. but i wish i new her age... i'd refer this site to everyone and will deff be getting more:)
Testimonial By: Logan Hansbrough

baby anery sand boa

Wednesday 17 August, 2011

Got my baby sand boa today and she a mirror of perfect health with great patterning would definetly buy from general exotics again :)
Testimonial By: tristen miller

Great to do business with

Saturday 13 August, 2011

Spiders arrived healthy, active and without worry. Beautiful specimens, very satisfied with all aspects of the transaction.
I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be a returning customer!
Testimonial By: Rain


Friday 12 August, 2011

The turtles we ordered are darling. They made my husband super happy(he's nedded something to make him smile). They seem to like their new home.
Testimonial By: Mary

Boa Imperator

Friday 12 August, 2011

I received my new baby, Rosebud, yesterday, right on time and in very good condition. My whole experience with General Exotics has been excellent. I will definitely be doing busines with them again. Thanks so much.
Testimonial By: Jo Ann Jackson

Great Experience

Thursday 11 August, 2011

Got notified of the animal I was interested in was back in stock, ordered it, the people I was in contact with were helpful and caring, didn't want to send the animal in hot weather, so I had to pick it up, and everything went smoothly. Great back and forth communication, and customer service.
Testimonial By: Keshava Rossi

Baby green iguana

Thursday 11 August, 2011

I ordered a baby green iguana from General Exotics and it arrived safe alive and on time at 1030am, as i was told it would. The packaging was good and the iguana has been active, he even ate within an hour of being in his enclosure. He was a little dark on arrival but he will be fine. After having doubts of buying online I am a satisfied customer and will return to GE if I need anything else, Thanks!
Testimonial By: Brett

Emerald Tree Boa

Thursday 11 August, 2011

I just received my adult Emerald Tree Boa yesterday morning, and he is absolutely beautiful. He is active and healthy, and bites alot :p. I am very pleased with General Exotics services and would recommend them to anybody looking for great deals and beautiful animals.
Testimonial By: Shirley Wininger

a very good dealer!

Tuesday 09 August, 2011

I hadsome delivery problems, mostly due to the extreme heat and UPS schedule, but they worked with me and eventually I received 2 pretty, healthy baby corn snakes.
Testimonial By: carol

Mxican Red Knee Tarantula

Sunday 07 August, 2011

My Mexican Red Knee Tarantula arrived safe and sound Much to the dismay of at least 1 UPS employee. LOL. She appears healthy and is eating fine.
Testimonial By: Jay Howard

sand boa

Friday 05 August, 2011

I just got my baby sand boa in and he is a real beauty and just as healthy as can be. Will definitely be a return customer for the next pet I decide to acquire. Thanks a lot general exotics.
Testimonial By: david

Great care in packing

Friday 05 August, 2011

Just got my Brazilian Giant Salmon Birdeater Tarantula, it is looking super. Thanks for the great packing and care taken when shipping this specimen. Will do business again for sure!!
Testimonial By: Tom


Wednesday 03 August, 2011

Thanks for your services. Everything. Went well.
Testimonial By: kane

2 mtn horned lizards

Sunday 31 July, 2011

Wouldn't ship to door because end of day delivery and the heat index was really hot but not a problem id rather go to a UPS store and pick up two healthy lizards then them arrive at my door dead. Lizards really healthy sexed properly and eating right away. VERY SATISFIED!!! Looking forward to getting the next project when they get back in stock. Thanks G.E.
Testimonial By: derrick

Terrific Experience

Saturday 30 July, 2011

We had such a terrific experience with General Exotics. Unfortunately, we found General Exotics after having a terrible experience with another online seller. We are grateful we found the many positive customer reviews of General Exotics and referrals from other happy clients. General Exotics carefully shipped our (healthy) turtles, provided prompt updates and answered emails quickly. Their warranty and service exceeds what their "competitors" offer too. We'll never shop anywhere else.
Testimonial By: Tracie


Saturday 30 July, 2011

I bought a Sulcata tortoise named Yoda, that is in excellent condition! The shipping was right on the dot, and it was packaged perfectly. He is eating and is good. Will recommend!
Testimonial By: Lien

Green Anole's

Friday 29 July, 2011

Excellent service.
Lizards arrived safely
at around 10am.
Would highly recommend!
Testimonial By: kerena cannon

two boa snakes

Thursday 28 July, 2011

great comunication! both baby boas are in great shape and just what i wanted. will defienetly refure to others. thanks alot
Testimonial By: joshua barker

New Arrived baby female ball python

Thursday 28 July, 2011

My baby python arrived on time just as the site info was given. I ordered on Tuesday night around 7pm and it arrived around 10am on Thursday. So far, she looks healthy, clean and curious of her surroundings. I just wanted to let you guys know, thank you for doin such a great job.
Testimonial By: Jon

Thank you

Thursday 28 July, 2011

Great Service! Was packaged perfect, arrived fast and my son loves the green snake. Will definitely order again in the future.
Testimonial By: James Dixon


Thursday 28 July, 2011

Ordered three salamanders (spotted, marbled and tiger). The animals arrived on time and were beautiful. The tracking information was very useful and the shipping packaging was designed to keep the Salamanders healthy.
I highly recommend the company.
When I received the salamanders I put them for a few minutes in cool spring water, then on a substrate of clean and wet dirt covered by wet moss. These mole salamanders went on digging burrows after a few hours, indicating to me that they had recover from their trip. I am looking forward to maintaining these beautiful animals for years.
Testimonial By: Omar Skalli

Excellent service

Wednesday 27 July, 2011

I ordered 3 pairs of Eastern Chain Kiingsnakes and the service I got from the people at General Exotics was excellent. Because of the extreme heat, they had to change my shipment to a pick-up instead of delivery to assure the health of the snakes. They were delivered in excellent condition. I appreciate their conscientious attention to the safety of their animals.
Testimonial By: Julia Thomas

My purchases

Wednesday 27 July, 2011

I've bought a reticulated python an a green anaconda baby from general exotics an both arrived in excellent Health an have the best disposition you could ask for thanks for the wonderful snakes
Testimonial By: Gene bazan

so far so good

Wednesday 27 July, 2011

I got a very cute red iguana came package very well, too bad the stupid ups guy was holding the package sideways under him arm. Better believe I said something don't u guys worry. He's been very scared today, but he's coming around
Testimonial By: nicole

Ana got a green iguana!!!

Friday 22 July, 2011

My name is Ana and i ordered a green iguana. the last time i ordered i bought a rough green snake. i was VERY pleased with my iguana and i named it Spirit. (i'm guessing it's a boy.) i can't wait 'till next time. and remember: BUY FROM HERE!!!
Testimonial By: Ana Johnson

It's a bouncing Bloodred baby Cornsnake

Thursday 21 July, 2011

I bought my son a Bloodred baby Cornsnake for his birthday and received wonderful service from General Exotics. When I told G.E. the snake was for my sons birthday they "rushed" it to the vet. for its health certificate, so it would be here for his birthday! Thanks, from one happy consumer. P.S. "Bubbles" the Corny is healthy and happy too!!
Testimonial By: WABerry

Savannah Monitor and red eyed tree frog

Thursday 21 July, 2011

Both arrived very healthy and active. Both have great temperments and appetites. Very impressed and happy with my purchases. Would definately use this website again.
Testimonial By: Stephanie


Thursday 21 July, 2011

I purchased several lizards and not only did they arrive healthy, all are doing well!! I look forward to future business together! Thank you, Rob.
Testimonial By: Robert Booth


Thursday 21 July, 2011

My halmahera Giant gecko arrived promptly and in great condition. She will be a great piece in my collection. Thank you GE!
Testimonial By: clementine simpson

Great Service

Thursday 21 July, 2011

General Exotics have great communicaiton with their customers. I ordered 4 super blue dart frogs, but they sold out. Within the next week. they had some Green and black darts. And, their was no problem trading the order. Packaging was very sturdy, and all four frogs arrived alive and healthy. Highly recomend General Exotics to anyone looking for a reptile or amphibian.
Testimonial By: Sonia

Great Value for a Corn Snake

Thursday 21 July, 2011

When I was shopping for a baby Bloodred corn snake, I ordered from General Exotics because they had the best price, but my beautiful new baby arrived healthy, calm, and on time. I definitely got more than I paid for! One thing to be aware of though-- these corn snakes are raised on live food, so it took about two weeks to get him to accept a frozen/thawed pinkie. He is now eating just fine though, and a great pet snake.
Testimonial By: Kim

RED iguana

Thursday 21 July, 2011

I love the personality my iguana has and also his cleverness, although i was a little disapointed in the color considering he is mostly brown and hopefully as he grows he will gain more color. we will see
Testimonial By: Spencer

Red Iguana

Wednesday 20 July, 2011

I was very impressed with the packaging, and even more so when I opened it. The ig was live and active. No sooner did I get the container open than he was struggling to get out and bask under his light. So far he's been very active, climbing all over the cage.
Testimonial By: Chris

My first rainbow BOA!

Wednesday 20 July, 2011

I recieved my Brazilian rainbow Boa today! He is absolutey beautiful! He shipped from the store yesterday and arrived to me in Montana at 11 this morning! i am more than pleased with my purchase! Everytime i emailed with a question about my brb, i recieved a response within an hour! Great service, great product, and great delivery! Fantastic!
Testimonial By: DAVID MENOTTI

Healthy Rough Green snake and White Spotted Gecko

Wednesday 20 July, 2011

The Green snake and Bullfrog and Gecko made it safely to my California home they are very healthy beautiful animals to be around and take care of. Thanks!
Testimonial By: Houston

Isis, Albino Burmese

Sunday 17 July, 2011

I received recently a beautiful albino burmese python. Her name is Isis and she is already an incredible addition to my household. She has been curious and friendly since I took her out of the box, and has just fed on two medium mice 2 days after being here! She even did well in a small crowd, giving everyone a curious look. I will definitely be coming to you guys for my next addition. I am more than impressed!
Testimonial By: Dwight H Scott

Happy Rough Green Snake

Saturday 16 July, 2011

I ordered a rough green snake from general exotics last week and am glad to report that the snake arrived after two days and was very healthy and active. I most definitely will be doing business again with general exotics in the near future.
Testimonial By: Jordan Wilkins

frogs, frogs and more frogs

Saturday 16 July, 2011

I have been looking on the web to find frogs of good quality and price to help complete my collection and I have found the site for me....will be buying more once they become available. Thanks so much.....Beth
Testimonial By: Elizabeth Evans

Nice Lined geckos

Saturday 16 July, 2011

This is my second time ordering with General Exotics these arrived on time, received tracking#night before arrival.Very active , 12 hrs after receiving ate.Will be back great job.Nice colors
Testimonial By: Gail

Great Company!

Thursday 14 July, 2011

I have purchased three snakes. Their customer service is outstanding! The snakes arrive safely and healthy. Thanks so much! 

All the best, 
Testimonial By: David Jayne

Blizzard gecko

Wednesday 13 July, 2011

I purchased in april 27,2011.Shes a beauty very active great eater loves her crickets.So I'm back getting a pr of lined day geckos Prices great shipping very reasonable.answer emails quickly great to deal with
Testimonial By: Gail

3 foot Iguana

Wednesday 13 July, 2011

So I have owned quite a few reptiles in my day and I had a Iguana when I was younger but since age 15 I have been doing the Ball Pythons, Cornsnakes, Chameleons, and Boa thing. When my beloved Super Pastel Ball had to be given away I decided to start looking for a Herbivore and found it here I received my 3 ft Iguana today and I am so pleased with the service I will be coming back here for all my reptile wants/needs
Testimonial By: Amber Hankins

albino spec. kingsnake

Tuesday 12 July, 2011

Hi, my exp. at first i was unsure of ordering off the internet. not being able to see what u are buying only a general pic. but was i suprized. my order arrived 15 min before est. arrival. tues. in great health, attentive, unbelievably pretty pinkish white snake with bright vibrant yellow bands and specs, she took to handling right away not nervouse at all, I thank general exotics for such a wonderful exp. and will be giving then my business from now on. once again thanks for making my first online reptile exp perfect. I couldn't have picked a better snake. fun fact. it was fun to track my snake via tracking# the whole way from packing to my door. THANK YOU!!!!
Testimonial By: Brad Turyna

Blizzard Leopard Geckos

Monday 11 July, 2011

I ordered two Blizzard Leopard Geckos. 
Loki - M (grayish colour) Valentina - F (Whitish). 
Both are Juveniles and alittle shy and fiesty...but both are healthy. 
Seem to get along well together. Have them in a 40G critter cage...which they like. 
Very beautiful lizards. Hope they do turn out to be male & Female. 
Thank so much for all General Exotics help. I will order from you again.
Testimonial By: Sheila RedWing

Spiny soft shell turtles

Sunday 10 July, 2011

The two Spiny Soft Shell turtles arrived happy and healthy less than 24 hours after I placed my order. The turtles were well-packaged, and I appreciated the inclusion of a cold pack. I also appreciated the opportunity to select their sex when ordering. Pokey (the girl) and Freckles (the boy) are now settled in their new pond home in the backyard.
Testimonial By: Mark Moberg

Jackson Cameleon

Saturday 09 July, 2011

Delivered on time, healthy, and beautiful. I will continue to order from General Exotics!
Testimonial By: sharon thompson

The babies arrived!

Saturday 09 July, 2011

I ordered an albino leopard gecko, high color leopard gecko,and a dragon agama for my mobile petting and educational zoo and they arrived yesterday. I was a little worried about them when the UPS truck arrived and the driver was spinning their box like a top. I'm happy to say they are doing well and all are very friendly. They will make excellent ambassadors for their species! I'm pleased with your service and the quality of the animals. I will be ordering from you again in the near future!
Testimonial By: Patsy McKenzie

My cricket order

Friday 08 July, 2011

I order 1ooo 1/2 crickets to feed my babys that were leo Gekos that I also got from Exotic as well aboat four mounths ago everything that I have got from Exotic is healthy including even crickets they were the size that I wanted healthy I will alway get my leos food from here they know there reptiles so will and they are number one
Testimonial By: Diana Wilcoxson

pastel ball python

Thursday 07 July, 2011

i recieved my snake in record time and he is exactly what i expected. his color is very bright and he is a sweet heart! he doesn't strike at me when i handle him and just wants to cruse all over!!
thank you for this oppirtunity to own a lovly snake like this one!!
Testimonial By: Joshua

Red Iguana

Wednesday 06 July, 2011

Thank You for the wonderful red iguana. It's so beautiful and in healthy condition. Thank you for your high customer service. Cant wait to share new memories with my new pet.  
Testimonial By: Carolina Paredes


Tuesday 05 July, 2011

I recently ordered 1000 crickets from you and I have to say, not only was the shipping fast and reasonably priced, but I did NOT have one dead one out of 1000. I will defiantly do business with you again.

Thanks again.
Testimonial By: Mark

Forest Hingeback

Friday 01 July, 2011

Just received my female FHB Tortoise from General Exotics. Healthy, shipped well, and fast as promised...haven't picked a name yet, but she is with my "Nala" who is her penmate and they are already hanging out together. I have read that torts are solitary..not these two!! So happy and thank you GE!!!! :D
Testimonial By: Kim Parlock

Vicky Sativa

Wednesday 29 June, 2011

I love my new green tree python! We named her Vicky Sativa... ;) She is gorgeous! The service was great and I received my package exactly as they stated I would. My family and I fell in love the moment we saw her. Another addition to our reptile collection. Thanks general exotics! :)
Testimonial By: Flor

spiderman agamas

Wednesday 29 June, 2011

my male and female agamas arrived nice and healthy and packaging was excellent great buying experience will be ordering again soon thank you general exotics
Testimonial By: mike bajdek

Ana ordered a rough green snake

Tuesday 28 June, 2011

here's the story:

one day i went to petco and they had rough green snakes. the color, cuteness, and beauty forced me to instantly fall in love with the breed. finally, when i could get one (didn't have the setup) it turned out they no longer carried them. so i was devastated. then i had to wait 'till november 2011 and i just could not wait that long so i started searching the web. then i found general exotics. i found they had a rough green snake and so i bought it. it arrived on tuesday as planned. a couple of minutes ago i went to check on my snake, (i named her "Emerald")and i found she was missing, as it turned out, she wasn't. it turns out the breed likes to burrow. and so she was burrowing under her log. I DEFINETLY RECOMMEND GENERAL EXOTICS. THEY ARE WONDERFUL AND 100% TAKE CARE OF THERE ANIMALS. I WILL DEFINETLY BE ANOTHER BUYER. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Testimonial By: Ana

Nile Monitor

Saturday 25 June, 2011

Just a quick review of my experience with www.generalexotics.com. I had been shopping for a Nile Monitor for some time and came across their page. I was highly impressed with the price points as well as the reviews. With my 150 gallon starter already setup I clicked the order button. I had a verification email within minutes with an order number. I also did not have to worry about tracking as less than 24 hours later and email was sent letting me know the package was on its way.

I received a high quality animal that was not stressed and began feeding in less than 12 hours. The specimen looked even better than the photographs and will be a well adjusted individual. I highly recommended www.generalexotics.com, and will do business with them in the near future.


Seth A. Thurston
Testimonial By: Seth Thurston

Beautiful Leiocephalus schreibersii

Friday 24 June, 2011

I asked for, and got a male L. schreibersii. He is beautiful and very tame already. He is in quarantine right now, but the ladies who live here adore him. Thanks for the fine lizard.
Testimonial By: Bonnie Kreiser


Wednesday 22 June, 2011

Testimonial By: ANNA

Beautiful Corn Snakes!!!!

Sunday 19 June, 2011

We received 3 beautiful, healthy baby corn snakes 3 days ago. A hypo, a ghost and a lavendar. They arrived on time, well packaged and in perfect shape! They looked just like the pictures online and we were very happy with our decision. We had our terrarium all set up and as soon as they arrived, we placed the plastic containers in the terrarium and allowed the snakes to crawl out when they were ready. We let them settle in the first day and fed them pre-frozen pinkies the next evening. They all ate well and we were so excited. We inspected them head to tail and they are perfect specimens! Thank you so much. We highly recommend General Exotics and will do business with them in the future! 
Kathleen and Madison
Testimonial By: Kathleen Dunlap

:) general exotics

Sunday 12 June, 2011

I got my green iguana and he arrived in perfect health. I named him drake
Testimonial By: Cedric Carnes

Thank you so much!

Saturday 11 June, 2011

I ordered a baby girl hognose and she was delivered in perfect condition and is a very beautiful and docile baby. This transaction allowed me to give my son his biggest dream and you made it possible!
Testimonial By: Staci Fiser

My sons tortoise

Saturday 11 June, 2011

We received an adult tortoise yesterday. She was perfect and my son was so excited to receive her for his birthday. He said it was the best day of his life:)
Testimonial By: Brie

BOA Constrictor

Saturday 11 June, 2011

I recieved my package as excpected and my snake was very healthy actually much healthier looking than a pet store. she had her first feeding and eat great. i am very happy with genral exotics. thanks so much. happpy customer
Testimonial By: HEIDI ROOT

red iguana

Friday 10 June, 2011

EXCELLENT! he or she arrived healthy! No complaints.
Testimonial By: sharon thompson

female baby burmese python

Thursday 09 June, 2011

I received my baby female burmese python on time and she is as sweet as can be
Testimonial By: Christian Davila

My first snake Dante

Saturday 04 June, 2011

At first there was a little confusion with the shipping but otherwise excellent service I received a very happy healthy blizzard corn snake named Dante
Testimonial By: Mark Zdanis

Live delivery

Friday 03 June, 2011

I was a little nervous about a direct delivery of a frilled dragon to my home, however went with it anyway. Got him(he/she/it) yesterday, seems to be a healthy animal and was undamaged by the trip, and is eating fine and adapting to his new environment. So far so good!
Testimonial By: John Giersdorf

Cool snakes!

Thursday 02 June, 2011

Great service! Snakes arrived earlier than expected and packed in individual containers. Thanks, will be back for more.
Testimonial By: Mary James

Colombian Boa, Albino Baby

Thursday 02 June, 2011

My girlfriend and I orderd two Albino Colombian Boa Babies and were very pleased with them! They arrived in perfect condition. They are very docile and seem to be healthy (just got them yesterday). They took to their new home great and are moving all over the tank! We are very excited because one is a female and the other is a male! We will def. be ordering more from here!
Testimonial By: Joey Hays

Cane Toad

Saturday 28 May, 2011

Toad arrived on time and in great condition. She is larger than I thought she would be, but I ain't bitch'n LOL.
She ate right out of the box. Overall a great buying experience.
Testimonial By: Michael Loncar

B. smithi Sling

Thursday 26 May, 2011

Absolutely great service! Ordered my sling on a Saturday, received the confirmation email and had the baby by Tuesday. She was shipped in solid packaging with styrofoam surrounding her. The t herself was in a small plastic container with substrate. I'd have preferred a vial with tissue snug around her because I first thought she was doa being all smothered in dirt but she turned out just fine. The sling is absolutely gorgeous and healthy and well-fed. She finally ate a dead pinhead cricket a couple days after I received her. Can't recommend General Exotics enough, I will definitely do business with them again for my future hard-to-find tarantulas!
Testimonial By: Rob S.

Fantastic and fast

Thursday 26 May, 2011

Everything arrived healthy and very quickly. I'm very impressed.
Testimonial By: Brian

They are beautiful

Tuesday 24 May, 2011

I ordered two leopard geckos and recieved them this morning, they look even better then the ones in the pics. will be ordering again definitely! Joe
Testimonial By: Joseph Austin

Great Yellow Foots

Thursday 19 May, 2011

Very healthy and vibrant females. They fit in great with my male. I received very fast shipping with great communication. Hope to get a male Sulcata soon. Thank again.
Testimonial By: Kathy Coy

Doesn't get any better than General Exotics !!!!!

Saturday 14 May, 2011

Ordered 2 BEAUTIFUL leopard geckos on tuesday,by thursday they were in their new home.By thursday nite they were already eating.You guys REALLY do care about your animals and it shows.Without a doubt I'll be a REPEAT CUSTOMER!!!!!Thanks again
Testimonial By: Laurie Winters

Very professional, delivered as promised

Saturday 14 May, 2011

Very impressed with customer service, attention to my requests and responsive. Beautiful snake arrived early day after order, exactly what we wanted!
Testimonial By: Chris Concannon

Great transaction

Friday 13 May, 2011

On May 5 2011 I ordered two snakes online from General exotics. Ordering was easy, the web site showed what was available and provided information and a care sheet for each one. Very helpful. They were shipped when they said they would be, and I received an e mail notifying me and a tracking number. They arrived on time and in excellent condition. Very smooth transaction. I will be back.
Testimonial By: Robert

Chilean widemouth frogs

Thursday 12 May, 2011

My frogs arrived when promised, and in great shape! They are doing well, and I plan on doing business with you again in the future.
Testimonial By: Sam Bacchini

Very Satisfied new customer

Wednesday 11 May, 2011

Dear General Exotics website,

Thank you very much for the great service you provided my regarding my recent order for my horn toad(lizard). General Exotic was one of the few websites that offered them. While you were initially out of stock when I first checked, you followed up in a very timely manner, when you had them back in stock. My horn toad showed up, on time, safe and sound, and in great shape. Thank you very much! I have already forwarded your website to others. Thanks again!
Testimonial By: Jack Behlmer

First time buyer here.

Wednesday 11 May, 2011

I had been looking into getting a desert iguana for quite some time. I found this site offered them, but was out of stock. I requested to be put on the waiting list & within 2 weeks one was available. I purchased it that day & and was promptly given a shipping date. My adorable lizard arrived on time, in good shape & very alert. I am very pleased with my choice to purchase from this site.
Testimonial By: De'Andrea Priddy

Beautiful BalL Python

Saturday 07 May, 2011

Beautiful specimen, great price!
Just wish he came with a care list. Didn't know when his last feeding was or any initial care recommendations, live? frozen?
Everything on time, convenient pick up arrangements! Thanks!
Testimonial By: Vincent Stancarone

Tiger salamander

Saturday 07 May, 2011

Ordered the tigers on Wednesday after I got the email notification and received them on Friday morning as advertised. The tigers were a little stressed after I got them out of the container but looked healthy. I got them home and put their tank together and they were very calm. I did not think they would eat but both of them had no problem consuming a waxworm. Thanks general exotics for delivering a quality critter. 

Testimonial By: Phil

Rococo Toad adnd Tiger Salamander

Saturday 07 May, 2011

Had no problems getting the toad but the salamander was out of stock and I got nervous whether or not it would come through. We got it in the time they said and he is good. Very happy and will pass this site on to our other reptile friends. Thanks
Testimonial By: Janet Scherrer

Tiger salamander

Saturday 07 May, 2011

The young tiger salamander came in on time and is very colurful this company is definetely going to have more buisness with me!
Testimonial By: Devin


Friday 06 May, 2011

Prompt and courteous service. Healthy and beautiful stock. That is what anyone looks for in a supplier of live animals.
Testimonial By: MICHAEL

Red-Eyed Crocodile Skinks

Thursday 05 May, 2011

I just wanted to write you guys and tell you that all though i made sure to order on Friday so they wouldn't sell out,I ordered a Breeder pair of Orange/Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks & a Chocolate Pac-Man Frog. shipped Monday, got here the next day on Tuesday! The Pac-Man morph is 1 of thee coolest looking of the frogs I've ever seen and immediately got along and gets along with my Albino Apricot Morph Pac-Man and they both ate pinkies from my hand the very next day after. My skinks were imported and not c.b. because they are rare in the fact they only lay 1 egg at a time! But they are definitely a breeder pair, they love their new cage and at night went hunting for about 3 dozen powdered crickets! Their eyes are blazing Neon Orange and definitely the coolest lizards in the top 3 I've ever had. Your service was perfect and look forward to doing allot of business with you folks again! Love your life & dig it like A GRAVE!
Testimonial By: KELLY McDONALD

House Gecko

Tuesday 03 May, 2011

I received a House Gecko that I purchased on Sunday, this morning, and it is in a wonderful, lively condition. She was scared, as obviously most lizards are upon arrival, and was much faster than I'd ever expected, but very lively and a well tamed animal. I very much so enjoy the Gecko that I purchased from GE. The only thing is, I ordered Crickets with it because there is literally no where to buy any Crickets or Worms or any other suitable meal for the Gecko with the order, and they have yet to arrive. I'm very worried about it because it hasn't had anything to eat all day and I was really hoping to get them together so now I'm panicking. But all in all an amazing lizard, wonderful quality site, and I'll definitely be shopping here again. Thank you so much.
Testimonial By: Jessie M.

hesitant buyer

Wednesday 06 April, 2011

I was very hesitant when purchasing a snake online. I thought, "Really how are they going to send a snake in the mail." But after a few more thoughts I started thinking hey how the heck do you think they get to the US in the first place? I decided to purchase two Brazilian Rainbow Boas from General Exotics and the customer service was awesome I always got responded to and they answered all my questions. I would definitely buy from this company again.
Testimonial By: Anthony Rivera

senagal chamelon

Tuesday 29 March, 2011

He is in very good condition... good color... good apitite... very well packaged and my two year old and four year old love their new "dinosaur" Thanks Eric will be ordering in the future! !
Testimonial By: andrea teiper

It's a Cutie!

Sunday 27 March, 2011


The Tokay Gecko just arrived and thank you so much it's a cutie!
Testimonial By: Alicia

Kenyan Sand Boa

Monday 21 March, 2011

I have had my kenyan sand boa for a week now. Shes great!! Very nice and healthy snake. Thankkkssss!!!
Testimonial By: Ben Larson

So Excited

Thursday 17 March, 2011

I just ordered my Eastern Newt tonight and I cannot wait until it arrives. I am thinking of names as my little darling is on its way. My pet store did not have any, so I found this site and I am satisfied. I hope my Newt arrives healthy and alive. Thank you General Exotics!
Testimonial By: Hilary

Green Iguana

Wednesday 09 March, 2011


I recieved the Iguana the next day early in the morning and It appears to be very healthy.Just what I wanted.Thanks for the good service
Testimonial By: Dale Spurgeon

my two new pygmys

Wednesday 09 March, 2011

Just and I mean JUST received my two new pygmys and they re perfect! Now my male will have a perfect habitat. 
Thanks AGAIN
Testimonial By: james moccia

VERY impressed

Wednesday 02 March, 2011


I am more than pleased with general exotics. I got my viper boa in, he is very healthy lookin and alert. I will definitely be ordering more from them and recomending to all my herp buddies.
Thank you General Exotics
Testimonial By: brandon davenport

savannah monitor

Tuesday 01 March, 2011


arrived by 10 very healthy and colorful but he is a little shy and fiesty. Great buy though!
Testimonial By: kirk

you guys did good

Thursday 24 February, 2011

hey i recieved my albino burmese python 2 days ago, she was healthy. but a little agressive. shes starting to come out of it now though. thanks alot! she looks alot like the picture too!
Testimonial By: matthew skidgel

i just placed my order cant wait to get it

Tuesday 22 February, 2011

hey guys i just placed my order. this is the first time i'm buying from this site i couldn't the believe the low prices. so i bought 3 geckos. now i can't wait to get them home and in there new home. i will buy from you guys soon
Testimonial By: Ramon Fernandez


Tuesday 22 February, 2011

we got 2 of the most beautiful corn snakes ever. cant wait to add more to our family. hey eric when you get a butter motley and a anery motley give me a call we want to order them both thanks for being such a great breeder counldnt ask for better you have our business thanks again
Testimonial By: casey

Good breed

Monday 21 February, 2011

Love my snakes you guys send me just what I ask for.
Testimonial By: humberto alicea

tree dragons

Sunday 20 February, 2011


I am currently ordering my third Lizard! I love the service, my lizards have all come healty and active. Would defintly keep ordering when needed.
Testimonial By: sharon thompson

Great Lizard.

Saturday 12 February, 2011

My monitor arrived on time and was a little cold But once i got her in her home she is very active and there isnt any problems thx.
Testimonial By: Misty Henson

super cute

Wednesday 09 February, 2011

My new pygmy chameleons and my red headed agama are wonderful. they arrived early and in excelent shape. the next time i want a critter i will shop here first. You definately have a repeat costumer in me. thanks so much
Testimonial By: amy larsen

Pygmy chameleon

Friday 28 January, 2011

thank you so friggin much the little fella ate three crickets the moment he saw them and is nice n chubby. upon arrival which was a little shakey on my part I'm sorry, he was just as healthy as can be. I'm so happy with him I might have to get a female haha thanks again!
Testimonial By: james moccia

leaftails and tree frogs

Thursday 20 January, 2011

Thankyou very much our shipment arrive an hour and half early and even though there was quite a snowstorm in northern illinois when they arrived but everything arrived in good condition nothing was dead and the red eyed tree frogs are already breeding
Testimonial By: Jeremy Browning

Day Gecko's

Thursday 06 January, 2011

Just got my Green Day Gecko's this morning- right on time- bright and early! It was a bit chilly outside, so they were a bit cold themselves. Put them in their new home and they're doing wonderfully! Still a little dull at the moment, but potential for amazing colors! Thinking about ordering another lizard this very second. :) Thanks much!
Testimonial By: Clayton Dudding


Thursday 06 January, 2011

I recieved my Brazilian Rainbow Boa yesterday! We named her Kalei and shes beautiful and seems healthy so far:) Thank you guys so much! I love her already
Testimonial By: Jessica

Hermann's Tortoise

Wednesday 05 January, 2011

Recieved my Hermann's Tortoise today. I looked everywhere for two weeks looking for a baby hermann's to no luck until I found General Exotics aside from issues with UPS General Exotics packed my tortoise with pride which allowed it to survive for 36 hours in its box again thank you and will be doing business again 5 stars.
Testimonial By: Matthew

Beautiful reptiles

Wednesday 05 January, 2011

WOW i recieved my order early opened my package and wow 100% gorgous green anaconda. definetly grade A
Testimonial By: Antonio

amazon tree boas

Tuesday 04 January, 2011

My roommate surprised me with two amazon tree boas from you guys for my birthday and they are by far the most beautiful snakes I now own they came in perfect health and immediately in their new home thank you for your huge part in making this one of the best birthday gifts ever
Testimonial By: michael bonee

male reticulated python

Tuesday 07 December, 2010

The reticulated python I revived from you is without a dought the calmest good natured snake I've had the pleasure of owning in over 25yrs his disposition is so gentle when feeding he doesn't even strikes just slowly approaches opens his mout an gently takes the prey item away a truly outstanding animal an a real credit to the species! Thanks
Testimonial By: gene bazan


Wednesday 01 December, 2010

thank you so much for my albino sonoran gopher snake, he arrived lively but cranky. so lively that he bit me. he looks very happy and healthy. your prices were very reasonable and i got him in a short amount of time, Thank you
Testimonial By: Eli

Reticulated Python

Monday 22 November, 2010

Arrived about 11:15am,she was a little bit on the cold side. But boy she is a pretty one! Seems to be in very good health, only bad thing is she's still a little nippy. hopefully with regular handling she will calm down. Now I'm waiting on a few more to be back in stock to order them.
Testimonial By: perry whitledge

golden tegu

Sunday 21 November, 2010

these guys are great.and already comfy. arrived as told a day and a half later. thanks me and my fiancee are very satisfied. great website
Testimonial By: jamie curry

love the small sav

Thursday 11 November, 2010

orered a savannah monitor on tuesday. arrived thurs morning right on time, which is a feat because i live in the middle of nowhere. he is friendly, already drinking and soaking in his water. gonna start giving crickets here soon, but temperment, health, and color are wonderful. thank you guys so much, gonna order from you again real soon...
Testimonial By: kelly raque

rite on time

Friday 05 November, 2010

tha albino burmese came rite on time and looks to be in good health
Testimonial By: ninacika marquez

Great Service

Friday 05 November, 2010

The Ball Python is gorgeous, among the best ive received. He was packaged great and is VERY healthy. He is active and all is good. I will be buying again soon. The one negative thing is that its winter and my I missed the delivery and had to wait until 7:30 at night to pick him up. He was frozen at first but I warmed him up and he is doing great.
Testimonial By: Kyle Johnson

you guys rock

Thursday 28 October, 2010

Hey so i recieved my savannah, i must say its awsome thanks u guys keep up the good work.
Testimonial By: Claudio Garcia

Golden Gecko

Tuesday 26 October, 2010

just recieved my female golden gecko. She arrived in just the perfect shape i expected from general exotics. she is happily enjoying her new home. GREAT JOB GUYS!!
Testimonial By: Colton Collier

Nigerian Uromastyx

Friday 01 October, 2010

I got a Nigerian Uro captive bred baby about 2 weeks ago and he it the love of my life! :) he is sooo sweet. Gen exotics knows what they are doing! Great communication and fast reliable shipping! I will be buying from these guys from now on!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!
Testimonial By: Jennifer Tarin

Blue Tongue

Thursday 23 September, 2010

Louie is doing great a little shy at first but now eating and drinking.He arrived in great healthy condition, great work guys!
Testimonial By: John Pearcy

baby girl savannah monitor

Saturday 18 September, 2010

i got my baby yesterday, came early! she is happy and taking well to her new home. was a litle skiddish but coming around now. she has already eatten a hardy 4 fuzzys and a few crickets..
Testimonial By: Luis Arroyo

Fire Skink

Wednesday 08 September, 2010

the fire skink came and he was very healthy but a little bit scared.
Testimonial By: martin aguilera


Wednesday 25 August, 2010

Thank you for the red iguana. He is doing very good in his new home. I named him Draco.
Testimonial By: Marcos Ocampo


Monday 23 August, 2010

We recieved our girl Alice. She is our King snake. She is a great addition to our family. She loves us very much and likes to hang out with the family. Our dog even likes her. But she don't know what to think about him yet. She hasn't eaten yet but we keep trying. Thanks for our baby girl.
Testimonial By: Tara Miller

Michael Ordered an Albino Leopard Gecko

Friday 20 August, 2010


Everything is going great! Thankyou. The Leopard Gecko came in fast and in great condition. He is very nice and my son likes him a lot. He looks very healthy and is eating great. We are very happy with everything.
Testimonial By: Michael

Mountain Horned Dragon

Wednesday 18 August, 2010

great service, love the lizard! i ordered a Mountain Horned Dragon. when i opened the sack he jumped out and right into the cage! he was drinking within the hour! beautiful lizard. i would definitely order from them again.
Testimonial By: Jordan


Tuesday 17 August, 2010

my 3 female brown anoles and fantasy pacman came in this morning. they where in great shape! i think a female is already prego :) look forward to doing more business!
Testimonial By: Joanna Reynolds

bluetongue skink

Monday 16 August, 2010

I received my skink a few days ago and it is a real beauty! Plump, healthy and so awesome-looking I couldn't take my eyes off it. You guys give top-notch service! Thanks for being so caring to both animal and customer. I'm already placing another order with you!
Testimonial By: Carol Palazzolo

Ran Ordered Some Desert Horned Toads

Sunday 15 August, 2010

i was looking to buy the toads and looked on internet liked your ad. price was better than anyone else ordered and recieved the toads fast thanks
Testimonial By: Ron

Jessica Ordered a Blue Tongue Skink

Sunday 15 August, 2010


I was very pleased with my experiance and with my purchase of my baby blue tounged skink. He arrived right on time and was happy and healthy.
Testimonial By: Jessica

Andre Ordered a Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Sunday 15 August, 2010


It was my first time ordering an exotic reptile from the internet being that I usually just go to the nearest reptile store, but it was a GREAT experience and service was perfect. My boa arrived right on schedule and I couldn't ask for a more beautiful specimen. I would highly recommend General Exotics to anyone looking to purchase a beautiful exotic pet with excellent service.
Testimonial By: Andre

Megan Ordered a Green Iguana

Sunday 15 August, 2010


I ordered a juvenile green iguana and am pleased to say that he/she is doing great. The order was processed quickly and the animal came fast. I will definitely order from here again in the future.
Testimonial By: Megan

Audra Ordered an Okeetee Corn Snake

Sunday 15 August, 2010


Snake arrived early morning and on time. Snake was a little fiesty but that was to be expected after travel. Has already eaten her first pinky and is comfortable in her tank. Absolutely happy with the overall experience.
Testimonial By: Audra

Dan Ordered a Paddletail Newt and an Emperor Scorpion

Sunday 15 August, 2010


The animals arrived packed very well, they were larger and healthier than I was expecting and overall I'm very pleased with this purchase!
Testimonial By: Dan

Michelle ordered a Gold Dust Day Gecko

Sunday 15 August, 2010


Everything was awesome. Great gecko and the best service ever! :)
Testimonial By: Michelle

very very happy

Thursday 12 August, 2010

this is the best exotic pets online . Im highly recomment to every body want to have a happy pets
Testimonial By: quynh tran

red eye tree frog

Tuesday 10 August, 2010


i just received my red eye tree frog alive and on time packaged very well in a container with moist paper towels as soon as i placed her into her terrarium she began climbing the foliage.
Testimonial By: Ellie Smith

Blood python

Friday 06 August, 2010


got her around 11 am today good looking snake a lil aggressive but great service thanks
Testimonial By: Will

blood python

Friday 06 August, 2010


My blood python arrived in great shape, on time, and eating. I will recommoned you guys to everyone i know
Testimonial By: KHIRY

LAVA our baby Red Iguana is home!

Wednesday 04 August, 2010


Well our Hatchling arrived and we couldn't be more satisfied thanks to the awesome customer service provided and the quality/speed of our babies arrival! He/she is very alert bright in color, and very healthy...We are so happy to have our new family member!!!THANK-YOU GENERAL EXOTICS
sincerely Heather
Testimonial By: Heather Kubick

Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula

Thursday 29 July, 2010

My Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula (Female) is doing very well & eats a large live mouse a week. She is very hardy and active. I have had her a month now & very impressive in size & health. She is what I expected from you guys at General Exotics. She arrived healthy & the packaging was great!! Keep up the good work General Exotics!
Testimonial By: Kevin

pink Zebra Beauty

Friday 23 July, 2010

I recieved my PZB very healthy & she is so happy!....an extremely docile tarantula, I have had her for a month or so now and have handled her twice now, very sweet & thankyou General Exotics for the awesome shipping & the beautiful spider. I have two Ts now...I will be ordering more from you soon!
Testimonial By: Deirdra Montgomery

Healthy Red Eyed Tree Frog

Thursday 15 July, 2010


Arrived on time and packed very great.. he was in a plastic container with a wet paper towel to keep the humidity up and the container was in the box wrapped nicely with a heat pack in it.... he looks healthy and happy and in perfect condition... very good service and will order again.. his colors are bright and he seems very happy sleeping on a big leaf already!!! cant wait till night time now to see him active!!!
Testimonial By: mike


Wednesday 14 July, 2010

Oh man, i think you guys are doing a hell of a job.my tegus are awsome thanks to you guys.
Testimonial By: Claudio Garcia


Sunday 11 July, 2010

The toads came in very healthy and active. The shipping and packaging was good too! Thank you General exotics.
Testimonial By: Gus Zoppi


Friday 09 July, 2010

my 3 foot male iguana arrive when it was suppose to in it was in good condition i will be ordering something else very soon.
Testimonial By: willie

african rock pythons

Tuesday 06 July, 2010

Testimonial By: william schlamowitz

Andrew Bought a Pair of African Fire Skinks

Monday 05 July, 2010


Fire Skinks in good condition. Very beautiful and one of them are already ready to lay eggs. I've had compliments from the vet that they are in the best shape and have nothing wrong with them.
Testimonial By: Andrew

Brie Ordered a Hypo Motley Corn Snake

Friday 02 July, 2010


I love the selection of animals that they had, I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted. Very happy with the one I got (Hypo Motley Corn Snake). She is very pretty and healthy!!! Very happy with the shipping, the week that she was to be shipped was going to be in the 100's all week and she arrive safe and healthy!!
Testimonial By: Brie


Wednesday 30 June, 2010

rudy my 2 footer iguana is more beatiful and healther than i imagined.. thank you so much
Testimonial By: caleb broadway

Testimonial by Steven

Monday 28 June, 2010

The Red eyed tree frogs that i ordered came in on time and in great shape. Would definately order again.
Testimonial By: Steven Dawson

David ordered 2 Rough Green Snakes.

Sunday 27 June, 2010

Received my order of Rough Green Snakes today around 10am. They are alive and appear to be in good shape. We will watch for the next day or so. Thank you for a great experience in ordering and shipping.
Testimonial By: David

Judith Ordered an Ornate Pacman Frog

Sunday 27 June, 2010


Everything was great. he arrived healthy and happy. thank you very much; perfect
Testimonial By: Judith

Black (Anery) Motley Corn Snake

Wednesday 23 June, 2010


I recently got a black motley corn snake. He is so awesome. I had a hard time feeding him at first. I give him prekilled pinkies. He has adjusted very well. He loves being handled and the customer service here was great! Thank you very much! He's the newest addition to our family!
Testimonial By: Chasity

Stephon Ordered an Elephant Trunk Snake

Monday 21 June, 2010

This was my first order with General Exotics and I am pleased to say they did an excellent job!!!!!!!! They kept me up to speed via email on every step of my shipment's journey. There E.T.A was pin point accurate and my item arrived alive!!! Looking great I might add!!!! they also sent a follow up to see how things were going. To not have talked to one person during this order. I feel they have outstanding customer service!!!!! Thank you General Exotics for giving excellent service. That goes a long way in my ledger!!!!
Testimonial By: Stephon

Ivan isn't lonely anymore

Wednesday 16 June, 2010


I just love my new female ornate wood turtle, but more importantly, my male ornate wood turtle Ivan finally has a mate. If turtles could speak, I believe that they would say, "Thank You". I will be anxiously awaiting some eggs in afew months. Many thanks to General Exotics for helping a breeder like myself to add more beautiful and wonderous turtles to our world!
Testimonial By: John S. Gydosh

Susan Ordered a Map Turtle

Sunday 13 June, 2010

Wonderful experience, thank you. The turtle is absolutely adorable and we could not have been happier with the order from start to finish!
Testimonial By: Susan

Ismor Ordered a Malayan Leaf Frog

Sunday 13 June, 2010

The female M. nasuta just arrived, and she is a big, wonderful specimen in great condition. Already taking a bath... :-) Many thanks!
Testimonial By: Ismor

red eyed tree frogs

Friday 11 June, 2010


The red eyed tree frogs I bought were great they were reasonably priced and shipping was very reasonble
Testimonial By: bradford lee

My new friends

Friday 21 May, 2010

I've always loved Tarantulas but I've only gotten the occasional rosea from pet stores. When I looked into buying more rare and beautiful Ts I found this site and I knew that I would stick with it. My Brazilian Red&White and Giant Black&White are beautiful and arrived a day earlier than I expected, even after one needed to be substituted. Now, I consider myself a hobbyist and I will always purchase from here.
Testimonial By: Dwight Shelby

Japanese rat snakes

Thursday 20 May, 2010

I received two Japanese rat snakes that were delivered on the expected date. They are healthy, active and have already eaten their first meal. Thanks!
Testimonial By: Bethany


Tuesday 18 May, 2010

i was very sceptical at first. but this was truely a great suprise. awesome service. awesome snake. thank you very much!
Testimonial By: Gregory Hamilton

Jack Ordered a Columbian Rainbow Boa

Sunday 16 May, 2010


He came a day early he's awesome. Thank you great customer service hope to do business again.
Testimonial By: Jack

Jennifer Ordered a Group of Bumble Bee Toads

Sunday 16 May, 2010

I'm delighted with the toads. They've settled right in, all three eating voraciosly right out of the shipping box. Good looking specimens. Thanks again
Testimonial By: Jennifer

Candice Ordered a Red Eye Tree Frog

Sunday 16 May, 2010


Everything was wonderful, the frog is adorable.
Testimonial By: Candice

Carlisle Ordered a Green Iguana

Sunday 16 May, 2010


My iguana yearling arrived safely. She is beautiful and perfect.
Thank you for getting her here safely.
Testimonial By: Carlisle

Deborah Ordered a Group of Pygmy Chameleons

Sunday 16 May, 2010

My little pygmy chameleons arrived on the day that I expected, very carefully packed and in fabulous condition. As soon as I placed them in the terrarium, they began eating and drinking, exploring their new habitat. They are all beautiful and healthy. When the male was separated, he appeared rather drab, but voila, I added the two females and he became striped. "Ladies ... look at me. I am a piece of bark." Very impressive. Well, at least we are hoping that they are impressed. Time will tell. Thank you for providing me and my family with such wonderful creatures.
Testimonial By: Deborah

Renee Ordered 2 Baby Australian Blue Dumpy Tree Frogs

Saturday 15 May, 2010


Purchasing our 2 Blue Dumpy Tree Frogs from General Exotics has been a 
satisfying experience. Our Dumpy friends arrived safely and healthy with great speed. The customer response and care with which they handled my concerns was wonderful and I would without hesitation order from them again.
Thanks again for a great buying experience.
Testimonial By: Renee

Yannick ordered a Chocolate California King Snake

Wednesday 12 May, 2010


thank you! She just came in the mail and she is better than I had dared hope! Met my preferences to the letter. She's the most beautiful brown color with just enough of the remnants of the white bands to make her stand out. And she's friendly! You have my highest respect and thanks.
Testimonial By: Yannick

Emle Ordered an Eastern Glass Lizard and a Senegal Chameleon

Tuesday 11 May, 2010

I just wanted to say that i received my order this morning. My Lizards arrived healthy and were very calm. Thanks for the great service
Testimonial By: Emle

Marine Toad

Wednesday 28 April, 2010


Perfect, Everything came in exactly on time and the toad was healthier than I expected. General Exotics is definitely the way to go if you want to get an exotic pet.
Testimonial By: G. Ling

Truly a Job Well-Done

Tuesday 20 April, 2010

My Haitian Swifts are beautiful and healthy. My baby soft-shell and painted turtles are cute and healthy. Delivery was a breeze, I am so happy with my new pets! I am looking forward to my back-orders already. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Testimonial By: John S. Gydosh

Cory Ordered two Vietnamese Calotes

Sunday 11 April, 2010

Testimonial By: Cory

Chere Ordered a Blackthroat Monitor

Sunday 11 April, 2010

My family and I have had our Blackthroat Monitor we ordered from you a few weeks now. I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him. He has been very easy to handle and is eating very well. He often falls asleep after being held for a while. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you!
Testimonial By: Chere

Joe Ordered a Blue Beauty Snake

Sunday 11 April, 2010

I recieced my blue beauty and he awesome. It was in the lower 30's and
snowing but he arrived warm and very active. The customer service I received was above anything I've experienced and
exceeded my expectations. I will be ordering again soon and would not even
consider another company.
thank you joe
Testimonial By: Joe

Red Head Agama

Friday 09 April, 2010


Shipped Quickly! Will Deal with them again! The male has beautiful color the female they both ate right away and are very active! Thanks Again!
Testimonial By: Shelley Serjern

Honduran (Hypo Tangerine) Milk Snake

Wednesday 07 April, 2010

The customer service is wonderful! Exellent shipping time The snake is Beautiful, She has beautiful Bright color active and Healthy! and I couldn't asked for a better one! Wonderful people to deal with
thanks again
Testimonial By: Shelley Serjern

Joseph Johnson has his new green basilisk!

Tuesday 06 April, 2010

My basilisk arrived happy and healthy! As soon as I opened the little bag he was in he jumped onto my hand and looked at me haha! At first I ordered a brown basilisk and they were out of stock. so i upgraded it to a green. I somehow still got my order delivered on time! THANKYOU
Testimonial By: Joseph Johnson

Matthew Ordered a Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Monday 05 April, 2010


My first rainbow boa was DOA but your employees helped me figure out the shipping temperature problem and ensured that my next boa was fine and healthy when he arrived. Your selection of reptiles and amphibians is top notch and the care info that you put on each herps page is very imformative. Im a veternary technology student who hopes to specialize in exotics and i will reccomend your site for anyone who wants to purchase a happy, healthy, herp. Thank you for providing me with my rainbow boa. He is happy and healthy and loved!
Testimonial By: Matthew

John Ordered 5 Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs

Sunday 04 April, 2010

Very fast, courteous service, frogs ere in excellent condition when i got them and are very active with very bright colors. i would totally buy from general exotics again.
Testimonial By: John

Josh Ordered a Sinaloan Milksnake

Sunday 04 April, 2010


Snake arrived on time and in great condition. Very docile and healthy. Pleased with the overall experience!
Testimonial By: Josh

Kirk Ordered a Hypo Columbian Boa

Friday 02 April, 2010

Once again my snake arrived healthy and right on time. She is a beautifully colored hypo Columbian Boa. She was a little aggressive as soon as I took her out of the bag to the point of biting a couple of times, but I have handled snakes for many years and I'm sure she will calm down with frequent handling. I'm very satisfied with General Exotics and will order again.
Testimonial By: Kirk

great bci will def. order again...

Thursday 01 April, 2010

great customer service response and order handling. superior packaging and exceptional snake. Thank you General Exotics...
Testimonial By: Aaron

Chere Ordered a Blackthroat Monitor

Saturday 27 March, 2010

The monitor was delivered on time and started eating and drinking right away.
Testimonial By: Chere

John Ordered a Columbian Tegu and Savannah Monitor

Saturday 27 March, 2010

The site was easy to use, i recieved my animals on time, and they are very healthy and happy. I would recommend this site to anyone.
Testimonial By: John

Mervyn Ordered a Baby Frilled Dragon

Saturday 27 March, 2010

Great, the lil' guy got here happy and safe! Thanks!
Testimonial By: Mervyn

Brandon Ordered a CB Baby Blizzard Corn Snake

Saturday 27 March, 2010

I recently ordered a Blizzard Corn Snake from you guys and must say the experience was one of the best. Not only do you have a great selection and great info on many of your animals, but the prices are great as well. My order arrived very quickly. I placed it at 3:00 a.m. Thursday morning and it still shipped as if it were placed Wednesday. The snake arrived very healthy looking and very active. Absolutely love the snake and will definitely look to you guys again in the future.
Testimonial By: Brandon

Joshua ordered a large Green Iguana

Wednesday 24 March, 2010

i have about 7 years experience with reptiles..i have had a turtle for 7 years, a chinese water dragon for 3 years, a ball python for 3 years, and have been keeping iguanas as pets for the last year...on top of that i also have pet rats, cats, a dog and a bird...my experience with your website was very good..i found everythign i was looking for and if i had questions some one would reply failry quick to answer them. i can not say anything bad about your company i mean you guys are so good i even got an email saying that the iguana i purchased was closer to 4 feet then 3..i think that shows that your company is very well in touch with your customers which is good.
Testimonial By: Joshua

Byron ordered two Red Claw Emperor Scorpions

Wednesday 24 March, 2010

i feel as though my experience with the involvement of trying to pick a pet went well.
Testimonial By: Byron

Kameron ordered 3 Blue Dumpy White's Tree Frogs

Monday 22 March, 2010

The frogs came to me as quickly as they said that they would! They are eating and thriving and seem to really enjoy hanging out together. They are pretty calm during the day but like to play at night and it is very entertaining. It was a very good experience!
Testimonial By: Kameron

John ordered a Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Sunday 21 March, 2010

First time purchasing herp. online. Excellent experience! BRB simply beautiful. Very active and acclimating well to new home. Extremely professional operation. Couldn't be happier. Looking forward to future business.
Testimonial By: John

Jordan ordered 3 Red Eye Tree Frogs

Sunday 21 March, 2010

I purchased 3 red eyed tree frogs from you. One was dead upon arrival. I was very pleased by the way my frog was replaced and how smoothly everything went. My frog arrived on time and was very active. It was very easy to purchase from your site and I loved how you had a section so we could write what we want in more detail.
Testimonial By: Jordan

Gerardo ordered a Baby Water Monitor

Sunday 21 March, 2010

I got my water monitor it was very active and healthy..very aggressive too,i got bit a couple of times but everything turned out fine..
Testimonial By: Gerardo

Cameron ordered Two Pacman Frogs

Sunday 21 March, 2010

It was fast and easy. They arrived on time and healthy. I would definetly order from you again. Thanks!
Testimonial By: Cameron


Saturday 20 March, 2010

Recieved my snake in perfect condition, in the early morning
Testimonial By: Richie Eads

Vince ordered a Baby Red Iguana and a Baby Green Iguana

Thursday 11 March, 2010

The lizards are great. Very friendly and lively. I really enjoy them. I will be telling my friends about this site..
Testimonial By: Vince

Joe ordered a Central American Boa

Thursday 11 March, 2010

i ordered a central american female boa and she is gorgeous!!! very active handles very well she tried to strike but that was only once because she wasnt settled in yet. i think this is a great site my boa is healthy and has very beautiful patterns and she arrived on time. this is a great site and they email you and show care towards the customer for that i am thankfull and appreciate the beautiful animals they have to offer. i will be purchasing many more!!!
Testimonial By: Joe

Kirk ordered a Columbian Boa

Wednesday 10 March, 2010

It was very easy to place the order and the baby boa arrived right on time and seemingly very healthy. Since arriving she has eaten and seems to be getting very accustomed to her new surroundings. I was pleased with my initial experience with General Exotics and would not hesitate to order again.
Testimonial By: Kirk

great service

Tuesday 09 March, 2010

thank you guys for the great communication. and the prompt shipping was great.
thanks Kerry
Testimonial By: kerry


Tuesday 09 March, 2010

Great website, great service, prompt delivery. Will do business again.
Testimonial By: Nick

Very Healthy and Active!

Saturday 06 March, 2010

Love the swifts, very healthy and active. I will order again in the future for sure!
Testimonial By: Danielle

Wonderful Experience!

Saturday 06 March, 2010

I had a wonderfull experience with General Exotics!!!! The frogs arrived safe and sound on tuesday and they where eating well! Thank you for the great experience. I'll be sure to shop General Exotics again!!!!!

Ordered some Indonesian Gliding Frogs and Mossy Frogs.
Testimonial By: Kerry

Shipping Was Good!

Friday 05 March, 2010

The comunication was excellent the shipping was good and i really enjoyed going through this company for my purchase thanks

Ordered some Iguanas.
Testimonial By: Raymond

Ruth ordered two Eastern Spotted Newts

Wednesday 03 March, 2010

These were purchased for my grandson (age 12) who has always loved amphibians and reptiles. He already has many varieties of geckos, newts, frogs, etc but had been wanting this variety for over 2 years but couldn't seem to find them. Needless to say, I was extremely happy to be able to get them for him! Once we arranged the delivery site and time, everything went smoothly. They arrived in great shape and he had a very nice 40 gallon terrarium ready for them - complete with guppies! I was impressed with the person who emailed back and forth with me to arrange delivery - they were prompt and patient with my anxieties! Thank you.
Testimonial By: Ruth

Great Customer Service

Wednesday 03 March, 2010

Good experience with great customer service. Reliable, prompt communication
Testimonial By: Jose

Top Grade!

Sunday 28 February, 2010

Testimonial By: Adam

Gregory ordered an African House Snake

Friday 26 February, 2010

I originally wanted an African House Snake, but they were out of stock. General Exotics subbed my original order for the house snake for a Central American Boa at no extra carge. The boa arrived on time, and he is getting acclimated to his new home. I had an excellent shopping experience, and I am highly satisfied.
Testimonial By: Gregory

Just as I Expected!

Wednesday 24 February, 2010

Checked what I wanted, made the order and it arrived just as I expected!
Testimonial By: Chris

Good Job!

Saturday 20 February, 2010

I ordered 2 animals that had just sold out, but General Exotics let me trade these for 2 other T's. They arrived in great shape!

Ordered some Taranutlas
Testimonial By: Brandon

Everything was Done Perfectly!

Saturday 20 February, 2010

PERFECT, beyond my expectations. You guys are great. The only thing I wish is that you guys will keep it up, because I am definently buying more animals from you.
Testimonial By: Skyler

Healthy and Warm

Friday 19 February, 2010

I am very happy with my snake it came on time and it was healthy and warm. i was especially happy when i sent an email to general exotics with a question about my snake and they replied that same day. very happy just got a new 50 gallon tank :).
Testimonial By: David Duzan

On Time and Healthy

Thursday 18 February, 2010

The Albino Burmese Python got to my house on time healthy and I'm glad to have went through this website because of the service and the prices were relatively lower than pet stores in my neighborhood. thank you
Testimonial By: Vanessa


Friday 12 February, 2010

I purchased two flying dragons i named one Mushu and one Smog. Both very healthy with quick delivery. Much better than other sites Ive used in the past that almost always had D.O.A. reptiles and amphibians which some of them still haven't been refunded or replaced. I live in a very cold place and it is hard to find a company that is able to ship here and still have quality. Amazed by the service that i received i will continue to use this site and recommend it to others.
Testimonial By: Anthony

Really Happy with my Purchase!

Thursday 11 February, 2010

I had a very good experience with your company. My turtle came in sucessfully and unharmed! The last turtles that I had shipped from a different company were dead and I was extremely disapointed. However, my new soft shell turtle is adjusting perfectly and with seemingly no problems. I was really happy with my purchase and the experience. I plan on purchasing from here in the future.
Testimonial By: Mary

Healthy and Warm!

Thursday 11 February, 2010

I am very happy with my snake it came on time and it was healthy and warm. i was especially happy when i sent an email to general exotics with a question about my snake and they replied that same day. very happy just got a new 50 gallon tank :).
Testimonial By: Dave


Thursday 11 February, 2010

The boa came when you said ,only 10 min late & i was very happy to see my new friend healthy and well dispite the snow storm!.
Testimonial By: Cary

Geckos to Alaska in February!

Wednesday 10 February, 2010

Recieved (3) healthy geckos This morning.
We are excited to get them settled.
Testimonial By: Nite

You Guys are Wonderful!

Wednesday 10 February, 2010

I received them all happy and healthy and they are beautiful.. You guys are wonderful... Keep up the good work and beautiful animals... Thanks
Testimonial By: Jesse

Very Active!

Wednesday 10 February, 2010

We went to Fedex to pick her up so she doesn't have to wait too long...she was fine. My son named her "Mary Jane"..she was very active at first running around the terrarium, but she has calmed down and he was able to hold her later on. She has a beautiful home and we will take good care of her, plenty of tlc. Thanks
Testimonial By: Bianca

Kudos to General Exotics!

Wednesday 10 February, 2010

My baby iguana arrived in perfect condition and a day sooner than I expected. What a wonderful place to shop for all of us reptile hobbyists! My iguana looked 100 times healthier than many others I've seen at Petco. Keep up the good work folks and I will likely be a repeat customer!
Testimonial By: Shad

Tegu is Amazing!

Thursday 04 February, 2010

The tegu is amazing! He's exactly what I thought he would be!
Testimonial By: Amanda

Very Easy!

Wednesday 03 February, 2010

The order was easy to make,the order arrived on time, and the snake was alive and well. The picture on the website was very accurate to the snake I received. I am very happy with my snake.
Testimonial By: Sarah

Everything is Perfect!

Saturday 30 January, 2010

It was all easy and when i got my baby pacman frog it was already burrowing into the ground. Everything is perfect!
Testimonial By: Sergio

Shipped to Alaska in January!

Friday 29 January, 2010

The Shipment Arrived. Every one Healthy and Beautiful.Will Try and Order Again Soon. Thank You!

Sitka, Alaska 99835
Testimonial By: Nite


Wednesday 27 January, 2010

Contact was very friendly, animals in perfect state.
Testimonial By: Kriton

You guys are Amazing!

Wednesday 27 January, 2010

You guys are amazing - let me tell you what happened with this urgent need for a fire skink. I have a friend in Ohio whose mother is dying of cancer and she has this fire skink that she just absolutely loves. Well on Thursday he died, probably of old age, and the family did not have the heart to tell her - she has already suffered so much and we did not want her to be sad. So we decided to try and get a replacement immediately - knowing that she probably won't know the difference since the color variation is probably close. We all frantically searched the Internet Thursday night. We needed an adult skink and a company that would ship immediately. You guys ROCK. You offered Saturday delivery which was unbelievable and had an adult male fire skink! It was perfect! We just hoped you would process the order quickly and send it out before she started to wonder where her skink was. YOU DID!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for living up to your reputation. I want you to know that this woman, who is paralyzed from the waist down and dying of cancer, can still hold the fire skink that brings her comfort. It so matched in size and color she doesn't know the difference. A crazy story I know, but true. God bless you for being such a reputable company.
Testimonial By: Kathy

Happy and Healthy

Wednesday 27 January, 2010

They arrived before 11am all of them happy and healthy.
Testimonial By: Jesse

Snappy :-)

Wednesday 27 January, 2010

she was very snappy when i took her out of the bag but i expected this from a baby central american, overall she was very healthy. I named her snappy.
Testimonial By: Julio


Thursday 21 January, 2010

The blue tongue skink arrived yesterday she is gorgeus and already pretty well adjusted to her new enclosure. I even asked for a darker shaded skink and she was perfect a little bigger than I thought she'd be but perfect.
Testimonial By: James

Superior Shipping & Customer Service

Thursday 21 January, 2010


I wanted to say thanks again for your superior shipping and customer service. The amphibians are doing very well with excellent appetites. My 10 year old son really enjoys taking care of them all. The gray tree frogs are the masters of camouflage with their changeable coloration. The tiger salamanders coloration has brightened considerably, to a light yellow-green with a distinct dark pattern. Both are very interactive, always alert and cueing on our movement.
Testimonial By: Brian


Wednesday 09 December, 2009

My animal arrived on time, carefully packaged with a heating pad, it was very cold outside but he was warm. The animal is very healthy and has already started drinking. I definately recommend this site and will buy again sometime in the future. Thanks for your great care, speedy processing, and great guarantees.
Testimonial By: Nathan Hunt

Very Full of Life

Tuesday 08 December, 2009

I recieved my Milksnakes on a cold and rainy afternoon. They were in perfect shape and very full of life. They are very beautiful and I am extremely happy with them.
Testimonial By: Solomon

Everything was great

Tuesday 08 December, 2009

The snakes arrived in great health and ate the first day. 3 of the snakes are great....very much like the pictures you post. The bloodred and red albino are especially superb. The black albino is more of a striped / banded than a pure stripe. However, my wife really likes it, so, heh.....just a matter of preference. Communication was excellent as well.
Testimonial By: Todd


Thursday 19 November, 2009

Testimonial By: gregory moore

Fantastic Peacock Day Gecko

Wednesday 11 November, 2009

I received my male Peacock Day Gecko via FedEx this morning. He is amazing! He seems to be in excellent health and his colors are stunning. This is the first time ordering from General Exotics, but I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks for a beautiful addition to my collection!
Testimonial By: Kim Pace


Monday 09 November, 2009

I got my python a little later than i thought, but he was alive and healthy. Thank you very much and I would suggest this site for all your general exotic needs.
Testimonial By: Alex McIntosh

Two Healthy Banded Geckos!

Friday 06 November, 2009

I just wanted to thank you for fixing the situation and sending me two healthy banded banded geckos, they arrived perfect with a heat pack and both have already eaten crickets and mealies. I will be ordering from you guys again in the future, thanks again so much
Testimonial By: Jeff


Saturday 31 October, 2009

Awesome. Always a pleasure to work with a good company. I'm sure you can expect repeat business in the next few months.
Testimonial By: Brandon

Rouge & Ajax

Thursday 29 October, 2009

Service was fast, the two arrived earlier than expected! Both healthy and eating on the first day! Will be ordering again in the future.
Testimonial By: Neva Mcilwain

Top Shape

Thursday 15 October, 2009

Easy and excellent transaction; I was most impressed with General Exotics' communication throughout the process. The shipping was on time, and the package (and, more importantly, the animals inside) were in top shape. I'll be a repeat customer.
Testimonial By: John


Monday 12 October, 2009

This is the best quality of animals I've seen in a while. I highly recommend them! They are amazing! There's no hidden fees or nothing. This is amazing! Buy from this website.
Testimonial By: jacob

Beautful Coloration!

Thursday 08 October, 2009


They (African House Snakes) came in great,fiesty, especially the male. I was surprised how beautiful their coloration was, it was better than I expected.
Testimonial By: April

Very Satisfied!

Wednesday 07 October, 2009

I was very satisfied that all of my animals arrived on time and alive. I know that frogs are harder to ship than most animals and was very happy to see that they all survived the shipping!
Testimonial By: Jasper

Best Condition One Could Hope For!

Wednesday 07 October, 2009


We were seeking Pipas for several weeks & General Exotics came up with them. Our six specimens arrived in the best condition one could hope for and after a week, they've all settled in & are eating well.
Testimonial By: Scott

Will Definately Be Ordering Again!

Wednesday 07 October, 2009

You guys did great. A smooth transaction and answered any questions that had and kept in contact. I am very happy with the animals i got and will defiantly be ordering again.
Testimonial By: Angie

Thanks for Everything!

Wednesday 30 September, 2009


He arrived safe and sound. Looks great. Thanks for everything!
Testimonial By: David

Great Selection!

Thursday 24 September, 2009


The time I ordered until the time I had the lizards in hand was incredibly fast, compared with any other internet ordering I have done. Lizards were well packaged and arrived in great condition. Communications keeping me informed as to the status of my order and follow up after order receipt was very good. Look forward to doing business in the future - looks like you have a great selection!
Testimonial By: Don


Thursday 24 September, 2009


I received my iguana today and I am so excited.
Testimonial By: Janet

Best Online Buying Experience Ever!

Thursday 10 September, 2009


After placing my order, the delivery was immediate and on time, and their follow-up service was excellent. They not only checked up on how my salamanders were doing, but they also inquired about other animals I might be interested in and kept me updated on anything else they were getting. This has been one of my best online purchasing experiences ever.
Testimonial By: Gaffar

My Bearded Dragon

Wednesday 09 September, 2009


Bearded Dragon doing very well! Thank you.
Testimonial By: Jeremy

Eating Great

Wednesday 09 September, 2009


The frog is doing quite well; he arrived in excellent condition and has been eating like I would expect for a pacman frog. He appears to be as healthy if not more so than what I would get from a pet store.
Testimonial By: Daniel

Outstanding Service!

Monday 07 September, 2009


General Exotics is a great choice and I consider it to be the best choice when buying an animal online. I ordered two Gray Tree Frogs, and they arrived healthy, and with no problems. If you send them an e-mail with your question, they will immediately answer your question. As for mammals,snakes,spider, or any other animal they sell i have not had experience with that, but I am sure that they will do a fine job. Really do order from General Exotics because it really is the best!
Testimonial By: Jorge Gomez

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