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We ship Overnight Delivery directly to your door
with signature confirmation required.
We use premium packaging and heat/cold packs are included.
We only ship within the continental United States with the exception of some parts of Alaska
That means no international shipping

* There are a few exceptions:
  • States that Require Health Certificates: Ohio, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Virginia, West Virginia and Georgia require a Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian for all animals shipped into the state. The Vet charges $20 so this will be added to your shipping cost.

Picture of a Shipping AgentShipping Schedule
We ship on Monday thru Thursday so your delivery date is generally 2 days from the day you place your order. 
If you need a different date of shipping please notify us by putting the date of delivery you would like in the comments section of your order.
We can ship on different days if you request in your order. If not we will just proceed with our normal shipping schedule.

We Reserve the Right to Delay Shipments as Needed
Conditions that may delay shipping:
  • If the Shipping company is off for a Holiday, we will not be shipping that day.

  • If there is adverse weather at the Shipping hub in Louisville, KY - we may delay shipping so the animals don't get stuck in transit.

  • If the temperatures are below 40 or above 100 and the shipper does not guarantee morning delivery to your location, we may request that you pick up the package at the nearest Shipper Customer Pickup Center. We will email you once we determine weather conditions and we may delay shipping to make sure you can pick up your package.
  • If your order is delayed we will ship to you as soon as weather allows. So, you will not have to wait until the next shippable Monday/Tuesday only the next shippable date.
  • If an animal in your order is out of stock, we will delay shipping until we hear from you regarding how you would like to proceed. Your options include choosing a different animal, shipping the rest of the order or cancelling the order.
Other Shipping Information
  • If there is eveer a problem with your order please notify us through either e-mail at sales@generalexotics.com or by submitting a form at our "Contact Us" section of our websirte. 
  • If we are out of stock of an animal you have ordered that shows as availiable when you make your order, (there are occaisionally errors on our stock list) you will be notified and asked wheather you would like us to fully refund your order or if you would like to wait untill we recieve the animal to ship to you. 
  • Any specific requests you have on your order such as you require a female or the animal needs to be a specific color just put the information in the comments section of your order.
Any Other Questions? 
  • If there is anything you would like to ask us please feel free to contact us through our "Contact Us" section of the website. 

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