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Why General Exotics

GeneralExotics.com is the best way to shop from home for Live Reptiles and Amphibians. 

Picture of a Leopard Gecko for SaleWelcome to GeneralExotics.com - A live reptile and amphibian website that makes it easy to buy quality animals online from the comfort of your own home. 

Why GeneralExotics.com? 
What sets us apart from all the others (besides our great selection and quality) is our Live Arrival Guarantee! What we didn't like when we visited other reptile websites was that if that animal does not arrive alive you may get another animal for free, but you are stuck with the bill for the additional shipping - often times at a cost of $40 to $50 more than what you expected to pay for that animal. For the company, there is little to lose (and therefore no accountability) if the animal is DOA. We don't think that is fair at all.
We believe it is our responsibility to deliver what you paid for alive and in great shape. This type of guarantee is offered by many small breeders but they are often out of stock and unable to meet the demand - not to mention it is hard to keep track of who you can trust. We started this adventure in 2009 and we have built a company that offers a great selection of reptiles and amphibians AND we stand behind the Guarantee - NO EXCUSES.
It was tough in the beginning. Sometimes we messed up and made some angry customers. We went through a handful of suppliers before we found some that cared about the animals as much as we do. We worked hard and more often than not, we provided joy to thousands of people, as evidenced by our vast collection of customer testimonials.
Today, we work with the Best Suppliers in the industry and provide the GUARANTEE we feel everyone should offer and certainly one that every customer deserves.
Who is GeneralExotics.com?
My name is Eric Endsley and I started GeneralExotics.com in 2009 from my home in Moore, Oklahoma. Most of our animals are shipped from state-of-the-art facilities in South Florida. My beautiful sweetheart's name is Elisabeth and we have 3 great children. I spent many, many hours of my childhood out in the woods down by the stream in Ohio where I grew up. My kids do almost the same thing (there are more electronics these days), we've caught snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs - some of which made it into aquariums and set ups in our house. We also owned a pair of baby bearded dragons and I'm sure as they get older, there will be others as their interests and ability to be responsible change.
I absolutely love this industry. When I check my supplier's lists every week, it's like Christmas morning when I see what new animals are in stock. I don't work on this full time, I do have a job in the technology department of our school district. I love building and maintaining this website and I hope you enjoy it as well.
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